Crash Issue 01, February 1984

3-Deep Space, Admiral Graf Spee, Ant Attack, 3D, Armageddon, Barreldrop, Bedlam, Blockade Runner, Bonkers, Bowls, Brain Damage, Bugaboo (the Flea), Byte, The, Corridors of Genon, Cybertanks, Death Chase, 3D, Doombugs, Exterminator, Fireflash, Firehawks, Forest, The, Galactic Warriors, Gangsters, Gold Rush, Gotcha!, Grand Prix Driver, Gridrunner, Hawks, Hunter-Killer, Invasion of the Body Snatchas!, Lord Harry and Lady Harriet, Luna Crabs, Lunar Jetman, Maziacs, Mission Impossible, Morris Meets the Bikers, Mrs. Mopp, My Name is Uncle Groucho, You Win a Fat Cigar, Odyssey 1, Oh Mummy!!, Oracle's Cave, The, Pluggit, Push Off, Quetzalcoatl, Rider, River Rescue, Road Racer, Robber, Space Wars, 3D, Spectron, Splat!, Sub Chase, Train Game, The, Transversion, Traxx, Tutankhamun, Valhalla, Vampire Village, Volcanic Planet, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Wild West Hero, Zaxxan

Crash Issue 02, March 1984

1984, ABC Games, Alchemist, Android 2, Apple Jam, Atic Atac, Battle 1917, Birds and the Bees, The, Birds, The, Bubble Trouble, Bull Tables, Castle Blackstar, Chuckie Egg, Cruise Attack, Dimension Destructors, Dodge City, Doomsday Castle, Earth Defence, Energy 30000, Escape from Krakatoa, Fighter Pilot, Freez Bees, French is Fun, Games Designer, The, Guardian, The, House of the Living Dead, Humpty Dumpty Mystery, The, Hunchback, I'm in Shock, Knockout, Laserwarp, Magic Meanies, Microbot, Mountains of Ket, Mr. Wimpy, Omega Run, The, Paintbox, Paratroopers, Pat the Postman, Pathfinder, Pi-Eyed, Potty Painter, Punchy, Pyramid, The, Robot Riot, Robot Runner, Rommel's Revenge, Scuba Dive, Special Agent, Speed Duel, Starclash, Stonkers, Supersnails, Thrusta, Triad, Wheelie

Crash Issue 03, April 1984

1994: Ten Years After, 2003: A Space Oddity, Alien Swarm, Arcturus, Arena!, Battle of the Toothpaste Tubes, Bear Bovver, Bimbo, Blue Thunder, Bug Blaster, Bull Run, Castle Colditz, Caveman, Cavern Fighter, Chequered Flag, Chopper X-1, Confrontation, Cyber Zone, Death Cruiser, Denis Through the Drinking Glass, Dinky Digger, Double Trouble, Dr. Franky and the Monster, Draughts, Force Fighter, Fred, Invader Cube, Invasion Force, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, Jokers Wild, Killer Knight, Laser Zone, Loony Zoo, Lords of Time, Lunar Rescue, Micro Mouse Goes Debugging, Millypede, Monkey Bizness, Night Gunner, Ometron, Pengy, Pi-Balled, Proteus, Seiddab Attack, 3D, Skull, Snowman, The, Star Trade, Starblitz, Timebomb, Tomb of Dracula, The, Triplex, Trom, Urban Upstart, Winged Warlords

Crash Issue 04, May 1984

4-Star, Ad Astra (To The Stars!), Adder Attack, Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, The, Adventures of Saint Bernard, The, Africa Gardens, Brad Blasts the Galactic Barbarians, Chuckman, City, Codename Mat, Crash, Defenda, Devil Rides In, The, Di-Lithium Lift, Dragonsbane, Ed-On, Encounter, Eskimo Eddie, G-Force, Glug-Glug, Grid-Bug, Handicap Golf, Jet Set Willy, Knight Driver, Lunattack, 3D, Magic Castle, Millionaire, Mindbender, The, Mission 1 - Project Volcano, Moonbuggy, Olympimania, Orc Attack, Orion, Pedro, Pinball Wizard, Pogo, Potty Planter, Quest for the Holy Grail, The, Quill Adventure System, The, Rapedes, Sam Spade, Sheer Panic, Sorcery, Space Shuttle Simulator, Space Station Zebra, Spyplane, Star Warrior, They Say the World Will Die in Fire and Ice, Thunderhawk, Time Machine, The, Tower of Evil, The, Trashman, Tribble Trubble, Two Gun Turtle

Crash Issue 05, June 1984

Apollo 11, Ashes, The, Ballooning, Battle of Britain, Blade Alley, Butterfly, Caesar the Cat, Circus, Close-In, Cybo-Run, Defusion, Devil's Island, Disco Dan, Dreadnoughts, Dungeon Builder, The, Fantasia Diamond, Gob Stopper, Grid Patrol, Harry Goes Home, Here Comes the Sun, Incredible Adventure, The, It's the Wooluf!, Lost Gnomes, The, Magnets, Meta-Galactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, Mission Omega, Moonbuggy, Mummy! Mummy!, Musicmaster, Mutant Ant Attack, Mystery Manor, Olympics, Opposition, Orpheus, Pandemonia, Psytron, Punctuation Pete, Spectrum Safari, Spellbound Besieged, Submarine Strike, Tasword 2, Temple of Vran, The, Time Traveller, Titanic, Vegetable Crash, Wally Kong, Wilfred the Hairy, Olaf the Hungry!, Worm Attack, Worms, Zig Zag

Crash Issue 06, July 1984

Airbase Invader, Antics: Birds and the Bees 2, The, Atlas Assignment, The, Bat Attack, 3D, Bewarehouse, Bubble Buster, Carnival, Carpet Capers, Casey Jones, Computer Cookbook, The, Cosmic Cruiser, Death Star, Diamond Quest, Driller Tanks, Eric and the Floaters, Factory Breakout, Froot Loop, Jungle Adventure, Les Flics, Matrix: Gridrunner 2, Moon Alert, Mugsy, Pool, Prize, The, Psi-Spy, Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes, Ring of Darkness, The, Sabre Wulf, Snowball, Space Command, Specgraf, Spellbound, Stop the Express, Turtle Timewarp, Waxworks, Worse Things Happen at Sea, Zipper Flipper

Crash Issue 07, August 1984

Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Automania, Beaky and the Egg Snatchers, Bossman, Buriabeast, ZX, Cavelon, Clerky, Colditz Castle, Cricket, Dartz, Death Chess 5000, Dotty, Escape from Pulsar 7, Full Throttle, Gatecrasher, Hampton's Caught, Howzat, Hyperblaster, Jack and the Beanstalk, Kosmic Kanga, Lords of Midnight, The, Message from Andromeda, Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry, New Venture, Omadan Attack, Pit-Stop, Rapscallion, Realm of the Undead, Sand Scorchers, Spectrealm, Star Trader, Tank Duel, 3D, TLL (Tornado Low Level), U.G.H.!, United, Virus, War of the Worlds, The, Whizz Kid, World Cup Football

Crash Issue 08, September 1984

Athlete, Atlantis, Black Hawk, Block Buster, Conquest, Decor Wreckers, Election, Fall of Rome, The, Formula One, Inferno, The, Matchpoint, Micro Olympics, Planetfall, Questprobe 1: The Hulk, Rainy Day, SOS, Spectipede, Spoof: The Magic Dragon, Stagecoach, Tank Trax, Voyage Into the Unknown, Warriors Revenge, White Lightning, Zapper

Crash Issue 09, October 1984

Ahhh!!, Alcatrazz Harry, Astronomer, B.C. Bill, Black Tower, The, Blade the Warrior, Braxx Bluff, Dix Mille, Dogfight, Eights, Frank N Stein, Giant's Revenge, Hyper-Action, Jump, Kokotoni Wilf, Kosmik Pirate, Master Mariner, Matching Pairs, Next War, Red Attack, Rifle Range, Sherlock, Show Jump, Space Art, Special Operations, Strangeloop, Suicide Island, Terrahawks, Vagan Attack, Vertigo, Wanted: Monty Mole, Waydor, Who Dunnit, Wreckage

Crash Issue 10, November 1984

Battle 1917, Beach Head, Booty, Combat Lynx, Conflict, Conquest, Crusoe, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Danger Mouse in Double Trouble, Delta Wing, Deus Ex Machina, Empires, Enduro, Final Mission, The, Forest at World's End, Ghost Rider, Ground Zero, Guido, H.E.R.O., Hampstead, Hubert, Jasper, Kentilla, Legend of Avalon, The, Mrs. Mopp, Pioneer, Psytraxx, Pyjamarama, River Raid, Ruby Runabout, Starbike, Strike Attack 2, Sub Hunter, Super Mutt, Tron, War 70, Wrath of Magra, The, Zenji, Zombie Zombie

Crash Issue 11, December 1984

Adventure F: The Eye of Bain, All or Nothing, Battle Zone, Beatcha!, Bombscare, Bouncing Berty, Catwalk, Chinese Juggler, The, D-Day, Dark Star, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Eskimo Capers, Gilligan's Gold, HiSoft Ultrakit, House Jack Built, The, Kung-Fu, Madhatter, Music Typewriter 1, Noah, Out of the Shadows, Pi-In-'Ere, Piromania, Return to Eden, Sir Lancelot, Skool Daze, Space Professor, Special Delivery, Starstrike, 3D, Tiler, Tir Na Nog, Tower Of Despair, The, Trashman 2: Travel with Trashman, Trouble Brewin', Turmoil, Twin Kingdom Valley, Valkyrie 17, Worlds at War

Crash Issue 12, Christmas Special 1984/85

Astronut, ATRAM, Backpackers Guide to the Universe, Blue Riband, Boulder Dash, Country Cottages, Cyclone, Eureka!, Fall Guy, The, Fred's Fan Factory, Insurgency, Key to Time, The, Knight Lore, Lode Runner, Loony Lander, Mafia Contract, The, Magic Roundabout, The, Moonlighter, New Cylon Attack, Percy the Potty Pigeon, Plummet!, Pole Position, Prince, The, Racing Predictions, Runes of Zendos, The, Sky Ranger, Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, Staff of Zaranol, Steve Davis Snooker, Therbo, Underwurlde, Volcano, War Zone, World Globe

Crash Issue 13, February 1985

Accelerator, Airwolf, American Football, Battle Cars, Blockbusters, Buggy Blast, City of Death, The, Curse of the 7 Faces, Doomdark's Revenge, Drive In, Estimator Racer, Fahrenheit 3000, Finders Keepers, Ghostbusters, Gift From the Gods, Great Space Race, The, Havoc, Hunchback 2: Quasi Modo's Revenge, Jewels of Babylon, The, Journey, The, Kong 2: Strikes Back, Match Day, Mini Office, Number Painter, Rally Driver, Run for Gold, Shuttle Shock, Son of Blagger, Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space, Strontium Dog: The Killing, Technician Ted, Terra Force, Trio, Xavior, Zone 00

Crash Issue 14, March 1985

Adventureland, Beamrider, Biz, The, Blue Max, Bodyswop, Brian Bloodaxe, Bristles, Castle Blackstar, East Front, Everyone's a Wally, Forbidden Fruit, Gyron, Hell Fire, Here & There with the Mr. Men, Illustrator, The, King Arthur's Quest, Lazy Jones, Lone Wolf: Fire on the Water, Monty is Innocent, Moon Cresta, Mr. T's Alphabet Games, Mutant Monty and the Temple of Doom, Omnicalc 2, Panzer Attack, Project Future, Questprobe 2: Spiderman, Rattler, Robot Rumpus, Saga of Erik the Viking, The, Se-Kaa of Assiah, Ski Star 2000, Subterranean Stryker, Super-Power, Wizard's Lair, Zaxxon

Crash Issue 15, April 1985

Afghan Attack, Alien, Alien 8, Animated Strip Poker, Casino Royal, Chiller, Connect 4, Day in the Life, A, Dead at the Controls, Death Star Interceptor, Designer's Pencil, The, Disease Dodgers, Dukes of Hazzard, Funhouse, Highway Code, Hollow, The, Intermediate Level Maths, Nicotine Nightmare, Psychedelia, Pud Pud in Weird World, Raid over Moscow, Sam Stoat Safebreaker, Sea Battles, Software Star, Solar System, The, Space Scan, Starsphere, Stay Kool, Thinker, The, Toy Bizarre, Tripods, The, Tripods, The, Video Pool, Village Underworld, Wriggler, Yacht Race

Crash Issue 16, May 1985

Air Defence, Alpha-Beth, Bruce Lee, Bug-Eyes, Car Cure, Castles and Clowns, Chaos - The Battle of Wizards, Composer, Confuzion, Dragontorc, Emerald Isle, Fantastic Voyage, Firework Music & Water Music, Flight Path 737, Grand National, Jumpy Snake Blues and Honky Tonk, Learning to Read Music, Learning with Leaper, Light Magic Graphics Designer, Mighty Magus, The, Music Maker, Music Typewriter 1, Musicmaster, NATO Alert, Pete N' Barry, Play,Type and Transpose, Serpent from Hell, Snaffle, Spectune, Spy Hunter, Star Gazer, Starion, Super Chess v3.5, System 15000, Talisman, Thermo Nuclear War, Timezone, World Series Baseball

Crash Issue 17, June 1985

911 TS, Dunlop, Arnhem, Body Works, C5 Clive, Chuckie Egg 2: Chocky Egg, Don't Buy This, Falcon Patrol 2, Ghoulies, Give My Regards To Broad Street, Gremlins - The Adventure, Icicle Works, Jack in Magicland, Jonah Barrington's Squash, Key of Hope, Komplex City, Leonardo, Loco-motion, Maverick, Minder, Music, Nonterraqueous, Overlords, Quad Trap, Runestone, Sam Safety, Shadowfire, Tapper, Whizz Quiz, Witch's Cauldron

Crash Issue 18, July 1985

Archon 1, Arendarvon Castle, Ashkeron, Battle for Midway, The, Bored of the Rings, Bulge, The, Cauldron, Day at the Seaside, A, Don't Panic, Dun Darach, Dynamite Dan, Frankenstein 2000, French Listening Comprehension 1, Glass, Helichopper, Helm, The, Herbert's Dummy Run, History Mystery, Jack Charlton's Match Fishing, Knockout, Leonardo, Mount Challenge, Quack-Shot, Rocky Horror Show, The, Subsunk, Super Gran, Super Pipeline 2, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Tinderbox, View to a Kill, A, Wender Bender, Worldwise: Nuclear Weapons

Crash Issue 19, August 1985

Abu Simbel Profanation, Action Biker, Antagonists, The, Babaliba, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chemistry, Clever Clogs - Science, Compiler, Confidential, Covenant, The, Cylu, Fourth Protocol, The, Frank Bruno's Boxing, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, French Vocabulary, Go to Hell, Hypersports, Jet Set Willy 2: The Final Frontier, Juggernaut, Jungle Jumble, MCoder II, Monopoly, Mordon's Quest, Nodes Of Yesod 48k, Party Time, Paws, Picture Logic, Pipeline, Postman Pats Trail Game, Rocky, Roly Poly Goes To Hospital, Saimazoom, Softek 'FP' Full Compiler v1.1, Softek 'IS' BASIC Compiler, Spy vs. Spy, ZIP Compiler

Crash Issue 20, September 1985

Artist, The, Blast v1.1, Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, Chinese Patience, Cluedo, Codename Mat 2, Colt, The, Desert Burner, Highway Encounter, Intermediate Level French, Jack in Crazyland, Malice in Wonderland, MCoder 3, Metabolis, Monty on the Run, Nick Faldo Plays the Open, On the Run, Poker, Popeye, Project-X: Micro Man 1, Red Arrows, The, Red Moon, Roland's Rat Race, Snapple Hopper, Southern Belle, St. Crippens, Super Brat, Talos, That's the Spirit, Warlords

Crash Issue 21, October 1985

Boulder Dash 2: Rockford's Riot, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Caesar's Travels, Convoy, Dam Busters, The, Halley's Comet, Kiddisoft, Letaset, London Adventure, Macadam Bumper, Night Shade, Nursery Rhymes, One on One, Paint Plus, Rats, The, Rats, The, Screen Machine, Secret of St. Bride's, The, Star Firebirds, Sunflower Number Show, The, Super Sam, Tangled Tale, A, Touchstones of Rhiannon, The, Turntaking, Way of the Exploding Fist, The

Crash Issue 22, November 1985

A, B, C... Lift Off, Ashes of Alucard, The, Astroclone, Count About, Custard Kid, The, Daley Thompson's Supertest, Deeds of Glen Garry Hall, The, Elite, Fairlight: A Prelude, Fighting Warrior, Great Fire of London, Hot Dot Spotter, Impossible Mission, Madcap Manor, Magic, Marsport, Maze Craze, Orm and Cheep in Narrow Squeaks and The Birthday Party, Quann Tulla, Riddlers Den, Robot Runner, Rupert and the Toymaker's Party, Seventh Cavalry, Starquake, Sum Scruncher, Ten Pack, Wild Words

Crash Issue 23, December 1985

Back to Skool, BC's Quest for Tires, Big Ben Strikes Again, Bomber Bob in Pentagon Capers, Brainstorm, Chickin Chase, Critical Mass, Discs of Death, Dogsbody, Grumpy Gumphrey Super Sleuth, Gyroscope, Hacker, I of the Mask, International Rugby, Journey's End, One Man and His Droid, Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The, Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The, Snow Queen, The, Sorderon's Shadow, Spike, Tau Ceti, Terrormolinos, Thunderbirds, Tomahawk, Waterloo, World Series Basketball, Xcel, Zoot

Crash Issue 24, Christmas Special 1985/86

Art Studio 48, Battle of Austerlitz, The, Beach Head 2, Block-Buster, Cargo, Chimera, Commando, Endurance, Evil Crown, Geoff Capes Strong Man, Gladiator 48k, Glider Simulator, International Karate, Ludoids, The, Panzadrome, Quest for the Holy Grail, The, Quiz-Timer, Robin of the Wood 48, Robot Messiah, Rockman, Roller Coaster, Saboteur, Screen Play, Seas of Blood, Shadow of the Unicorn, Souls Of Darkon, Spellbound 48, Survival, Swords and Sorcery, Vectron

Crash Issue 25, February 1986

1985 - The Day After, Ancient Quests, Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing, Computer Wordsearch, Death Wake, Graham Gooch's Test Cricket, Gunfright, Just Imagine, Learn to Read 1, Learn to Read 2, Learn to Read 3, Learn to Read 4, Learn To Read 5, Mikie, Mindshadow, Nonterraqueous 2: Soul of a Robot, Robin of Sherlock, Romper Room, Runestone, Squirt, Sweevo's World, Time Quest, Trading Game, The, Type-Rope, West Bank, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Zoids

Crash Issue 26, March 1986

2112 AD, Arc of Yesod 48, The, Battle of the Planets, The, Benny Hill's Madcap Chase!, Biology, Caves of Doom, The, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Cosmic Wartoad, Desert Rats, English Literature, Enigma Force, Flyer Fox, Forbidden Planet, Icon Graphix, Lord of the Rings, The, Mathematics, Movie, Myla Di'Kaich, N.O.M.A.D., Neverending Story 48, The, Physics, Plus 80 Word Manager, Rambo, Rothmans Football Quiz, Sir Fred, Spitfire '40, Their Finest Hour, Their Finest Hour, Three Weeks in Paradise 48, Twister, Mother of Charlotte, William Wobbler, Winter Games, Worm in Paradise, Yabba Dabba Dooo!, Zorro

Crash Issue 27, April 1986

A to Z, Beatle Quest, Blade Runner, Bombjack, Bridge Player 3, Costa Capers, Curse of Shaleth, Dam and Blast, Desperado, Devils Crown, The, Ervaders, F.A. Cup Football, Falklands 82, Fourmost Adventures, Frank the Flea, Gerry the Germ, Henry's Hoard, Hypa Raid, Left Right, Left Right, Outworld, Play Your Cards Right, Raiders of the Lost Ring, Rasputin, Realm of Impossibility, Roboto, Show Jumping, Sky Fox, Sodov the Sorcerer, Specdrum, Surf Champ, Temple Terror, Think!, Time Sanctuary, Transformers, The, Winter Sports, Xo-Word and Anagrams

Crash Issue 28, May 1986

Animator 1, Antteroo, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Back to the Future, Ballblazer, Batman, Chemical Formulae, Classroom Chaos, Commando, Cyberun, The, Doomsday Papers, The, Dungeon Dare, Entrepeneur, Green Beret, Hocus Focus, Incredible Shrinking Fireman, The, Intermediate Level Science, Max Headroom, Numbers At Work, Operation Turtle, Paddington and the Disappearing Ink, Ping Pong, Prelude to D-Day, Return to Ithaca, Revenge of the C5, Rifts of Time, The, Sai Combat, Samantha Fox Strip Poker, Scotsmaths, Shipshapes, Starstrike 2, 3D, Supercom, Supercom, Turbo Esprit, Way of the Tiger, The, Who Dares Wins 2

Crash Issue 29, June 1986

5 In A Row, Alien Highway, Biology, Bounces, Bounder, Chemistry, Comet Game, The, CORE (Cybernetic Organism Recovery Expedition), Desert Rats 128k, Eleventh Hour, The, Extricator, The, French, Friday the 13th, Heavy on the Magick, Jock and the Time Rings, Kirel, Knight Tyme 128, Legend of the Amazon Women, Mantronix, Master Word, Maths, Mugsy's Revenge, Music Teacher 1 & 2, Pentagram, Physics, Quazatron, Red Hawk, Secret of Levitation, The, Spiky Harold, Spindizzy, Spy Trilogy, Superbowl, Tantalus, Terrors of Trantoss, The, V, Young Ones, The

Crash Issue 30, July 1986

Biggles, Buying and Selling, Cliff Hanger, Equinox, Force, The, Ghosts 'N Goblins, Girl Who Was Death, The, Heart and Circulation, Iwo Jima, Jack the Nipper, Kidnap, Laser Genius, Master, The, Molecule Man, Ninja Master, The, Office Master, Oliver's Music Box, Physics, Planets, The, Price of Magik, The, Questprobe 3: Human Torch and the Thing, Rock 'n Wrestle, Sarlmoor, Seabase Delta, Snodgits!, Space Detective, Splitting Images, Tablespeed, Theatre Europe, Winner Takes A Holiday, World Cup Carnival

Crash Issue 31, August 1986

Action Reflex, Barchou, Bobby Bearing, Brian the Bold, Cagara, Car Journey, Cauldron 2: The Pumpkin Strikes Back, Caverns of Kontonia, Con-Quest, Countdown, Desert Hawk, First Steps With the Mr Men, Heartland, Hijack, Kung-Fu Master, Labyrinthion, Last Word, The v1.1, Luna Atac, Mafia Contract 2, The, Master of Magic, The, Podder, Pyracurse, Rebel Planet, Rebel Star, Special Agent, Sport of Kings, Subterranean Nightmare, Sword and Shield, Tasword 3, Toadrunner, Trick of the Tale, A, Vowels of the Earth - Part One, Word Games With the Mr Men, Writer, The

Crash Issue 32, September 1986

ACE (Air Control Emulator), Atlantic Challenge, Blockbusters: Gold Run, Boggit, The, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee, Dynamite Dan 2, Graphic Adventure Creator, Mandragore, Mermaid Madness, Mission Omega, Music Box 128, Planetopoly, Rupert and the Ice Castle, Sbugetti Junction, Stainless Steel, Summer Santa, Tujad, Very Big Cave Adventure, The, Xarq

Crash Issue 33, October 1986

1942, Buccaneer, Bulls Eye, Captain Slog, Countdown, Dekorating Blues, Expose, Futurezoo, Grammer Tree, The - Verbs and Adverbs, Greatest Show On Earth, The, Grimble, Head Coach, Hunchback - The Adventure, Icups, Johnny Reb 2, Junior Wordsplits, Kane, Knight Games 2, Knight Rider, Lap of the Gods, Lernon Esperanto, Mindstone, Moonlight Madness, N.E.X.O.R., Nightmare and Potholer, O Level Maths, Octagon Squad, The, Olympiad '86, Paperboy, Rescue on Fractalus, Revolution, Rugby Manager, Scooby Doo, Starter Wordsplits, Strike Force Cobra, Strike Force Harrier, Supercom, Tennis, Trapdoor, The, Trivial Pursuits, Universal Hero, Zythum, Zzzz

Crash Issue 34, November 1986

After Shock, Asterix and the Magic Cauldron, Bombscare, Bump, Set, Spike!, Captain Kelly, Conquestador, Crack It! Towers, Deactivators, Dragons Lair, Fat Worm Blows a Sparky, Fletcher's Castle, Giddy Game Show, The, Glider Rider 128k, Glider Rider 48k, Happiest Days of Your Life, The, Hardball, HRH, Intermediate Level Geography, Kai Temple, Lightforce, Miami Dice, Moron Spaceship, Music Machine, Napoleon at War, Nightmare Rally, Ole, Toro, Olli & Lissa: The Ghost of Shilmore Castle, Perfume Hunter, The, Prodigy, The, Pub Games, Return to Oz, Storm, Storymaker, Street Hawk, Thingy and the Doodahs, Thrust, Time Trax, Trailblazer, Treasure, TT Racer, Vera Cruz Affair, The, Video Poker

Crash Issue 35, December 1986

180, Bimbles, The, Camelot Warriors, City Slicker, Cobra, Dandy, The, Demon from the Darkside, Doctor What!, Druid, English Language Tutors, Firelord, French Crosswords, French Dictation, Frost Byte, Gallipoli, Galvan - Cosmo Police, Goonies, The, Great Escape, The, Ice Temple, The, Infiltrator, Language Vocabularies, Mailstrom, Miami Vice, Oblivion, Phantomas, Prehistorical Adventure, Room 10, Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The, Swords of Bane, Terra Cognita, Thanatos, Time, Twice Shy, Uridium, Vampire, W.A.R., Xeno

Crash Issue 36, Christmas Special 1986/87

Academy: Tau Ceti 2, Adventure, Artist 2, The, Avenger: The Way of the Tiger 2, Breakthru, Colossus 4 Bridge, Contact Sam Cruise, Deep Strike, Eidolon, The, Fairlight 2: A Trail of Darkness, Future Knight, Jewels of Darkness (compilation), Kat Trap: Planet of the Cat Men, King's Keep, The, Kwah!, Marble Madness Construction Set, Nosferatu the Vampyre, Orbix the Terrorball, Rogue Trooper, Shrewsbury Key, Space Harrier, Speed King 2, Starglider 128k, Starglider 48k, Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle, Terminus: The Prison Planet, They Call Me Trooper, They Stole a Million, Zub

Crash Issue 37, February 1987

Acrojet, Agent X, Aliens, Archers, The, Battle of Britain, BMX Simulator, Bugsy, Colour of Magic, The, Cop-Out, Copy Cats + Spell Cats, Defcom, Donkey Kong, Double Take, Dracula, Elevator Action, Footballer of the Year, Fractions, Gauntlet, Gunstar, Hacker 2: The Doomsday Papers, Harvey Headbanger, Highlander, Hive, Howzat, Hypaball, Hyperbowl, Impossaball, It's a Knockout, Kayleth, Konami's Golf, Legend of Kage, Legions of Death, Ninja, Note Invaders, Pazazz, Peter Shilton's Handball Maradonna, Pro Golf, Punctuation Pete, Romantic Robot Videoface, Run Rabbit Run, S.A.S. Operation Thunderflash, Shao Lin's Road, Super Cycle, Super Soccer, Survivors, The, Terra Cresta, Theory of Music to Grade 5, Top Gun, Xevious, Yie Ar Kung Fu 2

Crash Issue 38, March 1987

10th Frame, Ace of Aces, Agent Orange, Annals of Rome, Astrotutor, Bazooka Bill, Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Butch - Hard Guy, Dodgy Geezers, Electronics Kit, Explorer, Feud, Forgotten City, Greyfell, Jail Break, Judge Dredd, Landfall on Rollus, League Challenge, Legend of Apache Gold, Little Computer People, Loco, Masters of the Universe - The Arcade Game, Mega Bucks, Nuclear Countdown, Phineas Frogg, Rana Rama, Scalextric, Shockway Rider, Silent Service, Star Seeker Solar System, Tempest, Way of the Exploding Fist 2, Wibstars, Winter Wonderland

Crash Issue 39, April 1987

Anfractuos, Arkanoid, Biology, Bombjack 2, Classic Games - Muncher, Computer Science, Curse of Sherwood, The, Dragons Lair 2: Escape from Singes Castle, Four Minutes To Midnight, French, Geography, Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, Head Over Heels, I, Ball 1, Imagination, Into the Eagle's Nest, Kingdom of Krell, Leaderboard, Mad Nurse, Red Lion, The, Sailing, Samurai, Shadow Skimmer, Sigma Seven, Sky Runner, Terror of the Deep, Trap, Uchi-Mata, Vulcan, Xen

Crash Issue 40, May 1987

Advanced Art Studio, Airline Cases, Amaurote 128, Amaurote 48, Auf Weidersehen Monty, Battle Field Germany, Big Trouble in Little China, Brainache, Colony, Corn Cropper, Cyrox, Doc the Destroyer, Enduro Racer, Grange Hill, How to be a Hero in 3 Easy Steps, Kinetik, Knuckle Busters, Kobyashi Naru, Koronis Rift, Krak Out, Manage, Martianoids, Matt Lucas, Nemesis the Warlock, Nemesis: The Final Challenge, Nether Earth, Oligopoly, Print Shop, Professional Adventure Writer, Psi 5 Trading Company, Raster Scan, Sceptre of Bagdad, Sentinel, The, Short Circuit, Star Raiders 2, Super-Power, Sydney Affair, The, Throne of Fire, Thrust 2, Timeflight, Tobruk 1942, Tomb of Syrinx, Transmuter, Trivial Pursuits, World Games

Crash Issue 41, June 1987

Army Moves, Barbarian, Bismark, Book of the Dead, The, Bubbler, Castle Eerie, Chronos: A Tapestry of Time, Cosmic Shock Absorber, Demon from the Darkside 2: Golden Mask, Dogfight 2187, Don't Panic - Panic Now, Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide, Enterprise, Express Raider, Final Matrix, The, Ghost Hunters, Gunrunner, Howard the Duck, Hydrofool, Indoor Sports, Inheritance, The, Livingstone I Presume, Mario Bros, Mr. Weems and the She Vampires, Octagon, Operation Stallion, Parabola, Pawn, The, Red Scorpion, Saboteur 2, Shadows Of Mordor, The, Shipwreck, Spy vs. Spy 2: The Island Caper, Star Runner, Strike!, Super Robin Hood, Tubaruba, Zulu Wars

Crash Issue 42, July 1987

3D, The Best of Vortex, Alien Evolution, Ball Crazy, Conflicts 1, Crown, The, Deathscape, Down to Earth, Earth Shock, F-15 Strike Eagle, Falcon the Renegade Lord, Frightened Fantasy, Kickboxing, Killed Until Dead, Mag Max - Robo Centurion, Metrocross, Milk Race, President, Project-X: Micro Man 2: O-Zone, Pulsator, Quartet, Shake, Storm Bringer 128, Storm Bringer 48, Temple of Terror, The, Thing Bounces Back, Triaxos, Wiz, Yankee, Zynaps

Crash Issue 43, August 1987

3DC, Airwolf 2, Apocalypse - The Game of Nuclear Devastation, Big Sleaze, The, Bride of Frankenstein, Catch 23, Challenge of the Gobots, Championship Baseball, Convoy Raider, Dark Empire, The, Dead Ringer, Exolon, Fantasy, The, Flash Gordon, Flukeit and Blunders: Kidnapping..., Galletron, Great Gurianos, Hades Nebula, Killer Ring, Leviathan, Living Daylights, The, Micronaut One, Mountie Mick's Death Ride, Mutants, Mystery of Arkham Manor, Ninja Hamster, Operation Berlin, Pneumatic Hammers, Prohibition, Road Runner, Rubicon, Slap Fight, Spaced Out, Starfox, Super G-Man, Table Football, Tai-Pan 128, Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge, Trio, Ultima Ratio, Voidrunner, Wonder Boy, Wulfan the Barbarian

Crash Issue 44, September 1987

Armageddon Man, The, Autochef, Battle Axe, Batty, Championship Basketball, GBA, Championship Football, GFL, Conflicts 2, Count With Oliver, Custerd's Quest, Dawnssley, Decimals, Fifth Quadrant, The, Flunky, Fractions 2, Game Over, Homicide Hotel, Hotline Quiz, Hybrid, Island of Dr. Destructo, The, Joe Blade, Last Mission, The, Look Sharp, Masters of the Universe - The Super Adventure, Mayhem, Mercenary: Escape from Targ, Mission Jupiter, Myself and Us, Oriental Hero, Photosynthesis, Quick Thinking, Read-Right-Away - Reading Pack 1, Rebel, Renegade, Rockman, Satcom, Sets, Side Wize, Sling Shot, Soft & Cuddly, Star Wreck, Stifflip & Co, Streaker, Survivor, Ten-Pin Challenge, Tube, The, Words and Pictures, Z

Crash Issue 45, October 1987

Athena, Bubble Bobble, Dargon's Crypt, Death Wish 3, Draughts Genius, Evening Star, Football Director, Grand Prix Simulator, Guest, The, Heist 2012, How to be a Complete Bastard, Hysteria, I, Ball 2: Quest for the Past, Labours of Hercules, The, Mask, Mean Streak, Moon Strike, Motos, Ocean Conqueror, Pi-R Squared, Rapid Fire, Roads of Plexar, The, Roundheads & Caveliers, Samurai Trilogy, The, Solomon's Key, Sun Star, Wizball, Xecutor

Crash Issue 46, November 1987

Action Force, Angleball, Arena, ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Simulator, Ball Breaker, Call Me Psycho, Centurions, Crown of Ramhotep, The, Dizzy 1: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure, Fast and the Furious, The, Future Tense, Holiday in Sumaria, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Jack the Nipper 2: In Coconut Capers, Karyssia: Queen of Diamonds, Mystery of the Nile, Outcast, Park Patrol, Professional Ski Simulator, Prospector, The, Red L.E.D., Smashout!!, Super Nova, Super Sprint, Thundercats, Thunderceptor, Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, War Cars Construction Set, White Heat, Xor, Yes, Prime Minister

Crash Issue 47, December 1987

720 Degrees, Aliens USA Edition, Basil the Great Mouse Detective, Bobsleigh, Dark Sceptre, Death or Glory, Deflektor, Driller, Excalibur: Sword of Kings, Freddy Hardest, Fruit Machine Simulator, Gods of War, The, Gunship, Laser Wheel, Level 5, Nebulus, Necris Dome, The, Rigel's Revenge, Scrabble DeLuxe, Through the Trapdoor: Trapdoor 2, Ultimate Combat Mission, The, Wizard's Warrior, Yogi Bear

Crash Issue 48, Christmas Special 1987/88

ACE 2: The Ultimate Head to Head 48, Agent X 2, Anarchy, Chemistry, Combat School, Deviants, Erik: Phantom of the Opera, German, Grid Iron, High Frontier, History, Implosion, Information Processing, Jack the Ripper, Jackal, Mask 2, Match Day 2, Nihilist, Pegasus Bridge, Phantom Club, Physics, Renta-Kill Rita, Ricochet, Riding the Rapids, Rygar, Saracen, Sidewalk, Slaine, The Celtic Barbarian, Star Pilot, Star Wars, Stock Market, Write On, Xanthius

Crash Issue 49, February 1988

Andy Capp, Blitzkrieg, Blockbusters, Brave Starr, California Games, Clever and Smart, Combat Zone, Compendium, Dan Dare 2: Mekon's Revenge, Druid 2: Enlightenment, Dynatron Mission, Eye, Firetrap, Flying Shark, Galactic Games, Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer, Gauntlet 2, Gryzor, Inside Outing, International Karate +, Knight Orc, Knightmare, Masters of the Universe - The Movie, Out of this World, Out Run, Pro Golf 2, Psycho Soldier, Rampage, Salamander, Scruples, Sorcerer Lord, Street Hassle, Super Hang-On, Super Stuntman, Terramex, Tour de Force, Winter Olympiad '88

Crash Issue 50, March 1988

ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter), Basic Mathematics, BMX Kidz, Boxing Manager, Captain America In The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann, Cell Growth, Cycling, Energy Warriors, Firefly, Football Frenzy, Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal, Holiday, Housebuilder, Hunt for Red October, The, Jet Bike Simulator, Kikstart 2, Krypton Factor, The, Los Angeles SWAT, Madballs, Merlin, Microball, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix, North Star, P.H.M. Pegasus, Piggy, Platoon, Raven, The, Roadwars, Rollaround, Rolling Thunder, Scumball, Snapshot, STI (Search for Terrestrial Intelligence), Tetris

Crash Issue 51, April 1988

Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh, Basket Master, Bedlam, Black Lamp, Blood Valley, Championship Sprint, Cybernoid, Demon's Revenge, Dreadnoughts At Jutland, Federation, Frightmare, Guild of Thieves, The, Ikari Warriors, Impact!, Jinxter, Lawn Tennis, Loads of Midnight, Magnetron, Overlord, P.O.D. (Proof of Destruction), Predator, Rastan Saga, The, Rockford, Shackled, Side Arms, Spore, Star Paws, Teladon, Week in the life of the Thing!, A, Xarax, Yeti, Zolyx

Crash Issue 52, May 1988

Action Force 2, Ball Breaker 2, Brainstorm, Cloud 99, Countdown to Doom, Crazy Cars, Denizen, Dervish, Disposable Heroes, Gee-Bee Air Rally, Gothik, Gunsmoke, Intergalactic Cage Match, Karnov, Lee Enfield is Space Ace, Mega-Apocalypse, Monster, Ramparts, Sophistry, Super Trolley, Tanium, Target Renegade

Crash Issue 53, June 1988

Acheton, Basic Mathematics, Beyond the Ice Palace, Bionic Commandos, Buggy Boy, Cerius, Charlie Chaplin, Starring, Crosswize, Cyberknight, Earthlight, Enter At Your Own Risk, Freedom Fighter, Front-Line, Gutz, Jade Stone, The, Kingdom of Hamil, Lazer Tag, Mask 3: Venom Strikes Back, New Community, The, Prowler, Psycho Pigs U.X.B., Sabotage, Shanghai Karate, Street Fighter, Virus, Voice Editor and File Manager

Crash Issue 54, July 1988

Blood Brothers, Dark Side, Desolator, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - A Gothic Nightmare, Flintstones, The, Football Manager 2, Hercules: Slayer of the Damned, Mickey Mouse, Philosopher's Quest, Powerama, Race Against Time, The, Skate Crazy, Skelvullyn Twine, Snookered, Soldier of Light, Star Wars 2: The Empire Strikes Back, Street Sports Basketball, Vixen, Where Time Stood Still, Wizard Warz

Crash Issue 55, August 1988

Alternative World Games, Arctic Fox, Bard's Tale, The, Battle Ships, Cricket Master, Damned Forest, The, Double, The, Dream Warrior, European Champions, Fairly Difficult Mission, First Past the Post, Five-a-Side Footy, Football Manager 2, Fury, The, Great Giana Sisters, The, Head Coach, Hoppin' Mad, Impossible Mission 2, Kemshu, Marauder, Mindfighter, Night Raider, Octan, On The Bench, Overkill, Pogostick Olympics, Ready, Steady, Go!, Realm, The, Return to Doom, Road Blasters, Rogue, Stalingrad, Stunt Bike Simulator, Test Master, Time and Magik, Virus

Crash Issue 56, September 1988

19 Part 1: Boot Camp, Abbreviations, Action Reflex, Airwolf, Barbarian, Battle Valley, Birds of Britain, Bombjack, Bruce Lee, Calling of the Demon, Countries and Capitals, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, Diamond, Droidz, Eliminator, Games - Winter Edition, The, Hot Shot, Jester Quest, Letter Writer, Magpie, Marsport, Murder Most Foul, Ninja Scooter Simulator, Our Class, Overlander, Planet Mathematics, Plus 3 Adventures, Police Patrol Quiz, Quest for the Golden Eggcup, The, Saboteur, Scottish Towns, Skateboard Kidz, Starquake, Stop Ball, Sweevo's World, T-Wrecks, Tracksuit Manager, Ultimate: The Collected Works, Uridium, Vector Ball, Way of the Exploding Fist, The, Who Can Help?, Word Likeness

Crash Issue 57, October 1988

1943: The Battle Of Midway, Alien Syndrome, Anamagon's Temple, The, Bobby Yazz Show, The, Corruption, Cybernoid 2: The Revenge, Double Agent, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Intensity, Joe Blade 2, Leaderboard Par 3, Pink Panther, Professional BMX Simulator, Samurai Warrior, Soldier of Fortune, Train: Escape to Normandy, The, Vindicator, The

Crash Issue 58, November 1988

10th Frame, 2088, Ace of Aces, Challenge of Iythus, Combat Lynx, Commando, Crime Busters, Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, Draconus, Fernandez Must Die, Footballer of the Year, Foxx Fights Back, Game Over 2, Gauntlet, Gunfighter, Hydrofool, Lightforce, Mad Mix Game, Metrocross, Pulse Warrior, Quest for the Poorly Snail, Roy of the Rovers, Scooby Doo, Shockway Rider, Skateboard Construction System, Super Hero, Thunderbowel, Turbo Esprit, Wizard's Lair

Crash Issue 59, December 1988

Afterburner, Artura, Beast, The, Demon from the Darkside 3: Devil's Hand, Game Maker, 2D, Laser Squad, Last Ninja 2, Live and Let Die, Mini Putt, Operation Wolf, Pac-Mania, Peter Beardsley's International Football, R-Type, Rex 1, Robocop, Runestone of Zaobab, The, Savage, The, Super Sports - The Olympic Challenge, Thunderblade, Typhoon

Crash Issue 60, January 1989

4 Soccer Simulators, Airborne Ranger, Barbarian 2: The Dungeons of Drax, Batman - The Caped Crusader, By Fair Means...or Foul, Espionage, Guerilla War, Lancelot, Netherworld, Powerplay - Game of the Gods, Simple Case of Espionage, A, Terrorpods, Total Eclipse, Traz (Transformable Arcade Zone), Trivial Pursuit 2: A New Beginning, Way of the Exploding Fist +, The

Crash Issue 61, February 1989

Biggles, Blackbeard, Blip!, Cauldron 2: The Pumpkin Strikes Back, Circus Games, Computer Maniac's Diary 1989, Diablo!, Double Dragon, Dynamite Dan, Echelon, Fighter Pilot, Final Assault, Fire and Forget, G.I. Hero, Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, Hell Fire Attack, Hopper Copper, Hundra, International Rugby Simulator, Krak Out, L.E.D. Storm, Las Vegas Casino, Last Duel, Leaderboard, Lightning Simulator, Lost Legacy of Xim, The, Motorbike Madness, Munsters, The, Night Gunner, Ninja Massacre, Operation Hormuz, Professional Skateboard Simulator, Question of Sport, A, Rambo 3, Ring Wars, Sai Combat, SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative), Skateball, Star Farce, Star Wars 3: Return of the Jedi, Techno-Cop, Tiger Road, Tomcat, Way of the Tiger, The, Yogi Bear

Crash Issue 62, March 1989

4x4 Off-Road Racing, Archon Collection, The, Big Foot, BMX Freestyle, Captain Blood, Dark Fusion, Deep, The, Dizzy 2: Treasure Island, Dragon Ninja, Dynamic Duo, Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles, Hermitage, The, Heroes of the Lance, Human Killing Machine, Incredible Shrinking Sphere, Ingrid's Back: Gnome Ranger 2, International Speedway, Into Africa, Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge, Maria's Christmas Box, Nonamed, Rally Simulator, Reveal, Run the Gauntlet, Spitting Image, Tank Command, W.E.C. Le Mans, War in Middle Earth, World of Obliterator, The, Xenon, Zone Trooper

Crash Issue 63, April 1989

Artist 2, The, Billboard / Pasteman Pat, Blasteroids, Carrier Command, Chicago 30's, Classic Games 4, Clock Chess 89, Colosseum, D.N.A. Warrior, Eliminator, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Fast Food Dizzy, Fish!, Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot, Great Peepingham Train Robbery, The, Hit Squad, Motor Massacre, Pacland, Peter Pack-Rat, Professional Soccer, Rock Star Ate My Hamster, S.A.S. Combat Simulator, Skateboard Joust, Soccer Star, Street Gang, Superman: The Man of Steel, Supertrux, Titanic, Turbo Boat Simulator, Wanderer

Crash Issue 64, May 1989

ACE 2088, Advanced Soccer Simulator, Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing, BMX Simulator 2, Butcher Hill, Games - Summer Edition, The, Gunrunner, Heartbroken, Heavy on the Magick, How to be a Complete Bastard, Immortality Rules OK, Infiltrator, Into the Eagle's Nest, Lightmare, Manic Miner, Mindtrap, Plasma Ball, Real Ghostbusters, The, Rebel Star 2, Renegade 3: The Final Chapter, Repton Mania, Rygar, Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The, Sanxion: The Spectrum Remix, Shanghai Warriors, Skate or Die, Soccer Quiz, Space Detective 2, Spy Hunter, Stormlord, Street Gang Football, Super Cycle, Super Nudge 2000 Fruit Machine Simulator, Tank Attack, Tank Duel, 3D, Technician Ted, Tempest, Tetris, Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, Vigilante, Vindicators

Crash Issue 65, June 1989

3D Pool, Chuck Yeagers Adv. Flight Trainer, Forgotten Worlds, HATE (Hostile All Terrain Encounter), Microprose Soccer, Mig-29 Soviet Fighter, Mike Read's Pop Quiz, Navy Moves, Para Assault Course, Red Heat, Super Dragon Slayer, Twin Turbo V8, Wild Water, Zybex

Crash Issue 66, July 1989

Arcade Flight Simulator, Bob's Full House, Bombjack 2, Captain Fizz Meets the Blasterons, Crazy Cars 2, Jaws, Kokotoni Wilf, Kosmos, Rick Dangerous, Roller Coaster, Running Man, The, Silk Worm, Street Cred Football, Subway Vigilante, Super Scramble Simulator, Task Force, Thunderbirds, Time Scanner, Times Of Lore, Tower of Light, Wellington at Waterloo, Xybots

Crash Issue 67, August 1989

Austerlitz 1805, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Bulls Eye, Crash Collection Volume 1, The, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Dominator, Enduro Racer, Gilbert: Escape from Drill, Hardball, High Steel, Jack the Nipper, Masters of the Universe - The Movie, Missile Ground Zero, Monte Carlo Casino, Operation Wolf, Rambo, Robot Attack, Rookie, Scooby Doo, Solar Invasion, Superkid, Titan

Crash Issue 68, September 1989

Aaargh!, APB, Canyon Warrior, Dragon Spirit, Gemini Wing, Hi-Q Quiz, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Licence to Kill, A, Maze Mania, Myth, New Zealand Story, The, Planet 10, Polearn, Pro Power Boat Simulator, Rescue on Fractalus, Spooked, Starglider 2, Syntax, Treble Champions, Turf-Form, Wulfpack

Crash Issue 69, October 1989

Alien Syndrome, British Super League, Cobra Force, Continental Circus, Footballer, The, Gregory Loses His Clock, International Football, Iron Lord, Moving Target, Mr. Heli, Operation Gunship, Panther, Passing Shot, Protector, Shinobi, Soccer 7, Soldier of Light, Strider, Super Tank Simulator

Crash Issue 70, November 1989

Batman, Batman - The Movie, Cosmic Pirate, Crystal Castles, Dynamite Dux, Ghosts 'N Goblins, Kendo Warrior, Monty on the Run, Myth: History in the Making, Paperboy, Thundercats, Top Gun, Tusker, Untouchables, The

Crash Issue 71, December 1989

Action Fighter, Altered Beast, Cabal, Chase H.Q., Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, Fighting Soccer, Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Operation Thunderbolt, Pictionary, Power Drift, Puffy's Saga, Purple Saturn Day, Spherical, Super Wonderboy in Monsterland, Toobin, Xenophobe

Crash Issue 72, January 1990

Dizzy 3: Fantasy World, Footballer of the Year 2, Galaxy Force 2, Ghostbusters 2, Hard Drivin', Hypersports, Meganova, Moon Walker - The Computer Game, Mutant Fortress, Ninja Warriors, The, Postman Pat - The Computer Game, Pro Mountain Bike Simulator, Rampage, Saint & Greavsie, Shark, Spitfire, Sporting Triangles, Stir Crazy featuring Bobo, Stunt Car Racer, War Machine

Crash Issue 73, February 1990

Dan Dare 3: The Escape, Elven Warrior, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Frankenstein Jnr, Gazza's Super Soccer, Joe Blade 3, Olli & Lissa 3: The Candlelight Adventure, Pro Tennis Tour, Pub Trivia Simulator, Rally Cross, Speedboat Assassins, Test Drive 2: The Duel, Tintin on the Moon, Triple Pack, The, Turbo Out Run, Wizard Willy, World Championship Boxing Manager, X-Out

Crash Issue 74, March 1990

Black Tiger, Buggy Boy, Chain Reaction, Fruit Machine Simulator 2, General, The, Great Escape, The, Invasion Force, Kick Off, P-47 The Freedom Fighter, Renegade, Rock 'n Roll, Sailing, Scramble Spirits, Sea Hawk, Skatin' USA, Snoball in Hell, Space Harrier, Space Harrier 2, Street Hassle

Crash Issue 75, April 1990

4th Dimension, Arcade Fruit Machine, Arcade Trivia Quiz, Doctor Doom's Revenge, Fighting Warrior, Hammerfist, Italian Supercar, Mountain Bike Racer, Rainbow Islands, Stifflip & Co, Vikings, The, Wild Streets, Winter Games, World Soccer, Zombi

Crash Issue 76, May 1990

American Turbo King, Castle Master, Crack Down, Delta Charge!, Dragons Lair, E-motion, Enterprise, F-16 Fighting Falcon, Fiendish Freddy's Big Top of Fun, Hoppin' Mad, Hot Rod, Impossamole, Knight Force, Lords of Chaos, Oriental Games, Overlander, Pinball Power, Psycho Hopper, Race, The, Raster Runner

Crash Issue 77, June 1990

Astro Marine Corps, Bloodwych, Cyberball: Football in the 21st Century, Dynasty Wars, Fighter Bomber, Klax, Ninja Spirits, Pipe Mania, Sonic Boom, Turrican

Crash Issue 78, July 1990

Cycles, The, Defenders of the Earth, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, Future Bike Simulator, Hooray for Henrietta, International 3D Tennis, Italy 1990, Little Puff in Dragon Land, Midnight Resistance, Sly Spy, Stormlord 2: Deliverance, Vendetta, World Cup Soccer 90, Yogi's Great Escape

Crash Issue 79, August 1990

Adidas Championship Football, Blinky's Scary School, Head Over Heels, Hong Kong Phooey, Hostages, International Cricket Manager, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match, Mike Read's Pop Quiz, Night Hunter, Ruff and Reddy Space Adventure, Sim City, Wonder Boy

Crash Issue 80, September 1990

Daley Thompson's Supertest, Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz, Fantastic American Football, Fruit Machine Simulator 2, Last Vampire, The, Match Day 2, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Nemesis: The Final Challenge, Out for the Count, Shadow Warriors, Slap Fight, Spaghetti Western Simulator, Super Stock Car, Superkid in Space, T-Bird, Time Machine, Twin World

Crash Issue 81, October 1990

Back to the Future 2, Battle of the Bulge, Boulder Dash 4, Cerius 2: Interalia, Guardian 2: Revenge of the Mutants, Heroes, Judge Dredd, Night Breed, Plotting, Pro Tennis Simulator, Professional Go-Kart Simulator, Professional Golf Simulator, Satan

Crash Issue 82, November 1990

Atom Ant, Blazing Thunder, Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, Grand Prix Circuit, Guardian Angel, The, Havoc, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road, Multi Player Soccer Manager, New York Warriors, Outlaw, Pang, Poseidon: Planet Eleven, Prison Riot, Rastan Saga, The, Rick Dangerous 2, Solar Empire, Spy Who Loved Me, The, St. Dragon, Turbo Cup Challenge

Crash Issue 83, December 1990

Adidas Championship Tie Break, Badlands, Barbarian 2: The Dungeons of Drax, Boxer, The, California Games, Dizzy 4: Magicland, Gunboat, Helter Skelter, Henrietta's Book of Spells, Kick Off 2, Kwik Snax, Manager, The, NARC, Out Run, Puzznic, Rugby Manager, Run the Gauntlet, Shadow of the Beast, Snow Strike, Spooky Castle, Star Wars, Strider 2, Subbuteo Football, Tiger Road, U.N. Squadron

Crash Issue 84, January 1991

Axe of Kolt, The, Chip's Challenge, Days of Thunder, Doomsday, Dragon Breed, Edd the Duck, Extreme, F1 Tornado Simulator, Golden Axe, Gordello's Demise, Kick-Box Vigilante, Last Ninja 2 Remix, Line of Fire, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Navy SEALS, Pick 'n' Pile, R-Type, Robocop 2, Star Wars 2: The Empire Strikes Back, Super Cars, Target Renegade, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Tilt, Top Cat in Beverly Hills Cats, Wacky Darts

Crash Issue 85, February 1991

Adventure Playground, Castle of Dreams, Chase H.Q. 2: Special Criminal Investigations, Exterminator, Firelord, Fun School 3 (5-7's), Fun School 3 (Under 5's), Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Hawk Storm, Loopz, Miami Cobra GT, North & South, Pinball Power, S.T.U.N. Runner, Turbo Kart Racer, World Championship Soccer, Yogi Bear & Friends: The Greed Monster Adventure

Crash Issue 86, March 1991

750cc Grand Prix, Back to the Future 3, Battle Command, CJ's Elephant Antics, Crete 1941, Dick Tracy, E-SWAT (Elite Special Weapons And Tactics), F-16 Combat Pilot, Full Throttle 2, Light Corridor, The, Reaper, The, Star Control, Switch-Blade, Total Recall

Crash Issue 87, April 1991

Afterburner, Batman - The Caped Crusader, Cavemania, Continental Circus, Double Dragon, Driller, Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest, Gemini Wing, Grand Prix, Hero Quest, Kamikaze, Lone Wolf: Mirror of Death, Narco Police, Night Shift, Rambo 3, Real Ghostbusters, The, Silk Worm, SWIV, Tarzan Goes Ape, Toyota Celica GT Rally, Welltris, Winter Olympiad '88, Xenon

Crash Issue 88, May 1991

3D Construction Kit, The, Championship Run, Dizzy Panic, Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash, Popeye 2, Predator 2, Scooby & Scrappy Doo, Skull & Crossbones, Slightly Magic, Super Monaco GP, Wreckers

Crash Issue 89, June 1991

4 Most Action, 4 Most Sports, Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh, Challengers, Coin-op Hits 2, Dizzy Collection, The, Famous Five on Treasure Island, The, Fists of Fury (Edition 2), Frost Byte, Hunt for Red October, The, International Rugby, It's TV Showtime, Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts, Lop Ears, Los Angeles Police Department, Mercenary: Escape from Targ, Mercs, Power Up, Quattro Adventure, Quattro Combat, Quattro Firepower, Quattro Power, Quattro Racers, Quattro Sports, Quattro Super Hits, Quick Draw McGraw, R.B.I. Baseball 2, Shadow Dancer, System 3 Pack, Tornado ECR, Winning Team, The

Crash Issue 90, July 1991

APB, Champ, The, Cromwell at War 1642-1645, Dirt Track Racer, Dragon Ninja, European Superleague, Footballer of the Year 2, Forgotten Worlds, Hydra, Impossamole, Multimixx 3, Mystical, Red Heat, SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative), Stack Up, Turrican 2, Viz - The Computer Game

Crash Issue 91, August 1991

Golden Sword of Bhakhor, Gryzor, Hobgoblin, Insector Hecti in the Interchange, Into the Mystic, L.E.D. Storm, Lamberley Mystery, The, Mountain Bike Simulator, One of our Wombats is Missing, Sharkey's Moll, Sky High Stuntman, Spike in Transylvania, Thunder Jaws, Virtual Worlds

Crash Issue 92, September 1991

1st Division Manager, 2 Player Soccer Squad, Bubble Bobble, Chevy Chase, CJ in the USA, Darkest Road, Darkman, Deek's Deeds, Golden Pyramid, Hero Quest: Return of the Witchlord, The, Hob's Hoard, Kobyashi Ag'Kwo, Manchester United Europe, Miami Chase, Paris to Dakar, Professional Footballer, Renegade 3: The Final Chapter, Striker Manager, Treasure Island, Untouchables, The

Crash Issue 93, October 1991

Alien Storm, Cabal, Capcom Collection, Deep Waters Volume 1, Deep Waters Volume 2, Final Fight, Grandstand, New Zealand Story, The, Project X: Micro Man 3: Micro Mutant, Robozone, Seymour - At the Movies, Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants, Super Sim Pack, Toobin

Crash Issue 94, December 1991

Dizzy's Excellent Adventure, Hudson Hawk, Lemmings, Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles, Smash TV, Spy Trilogy, Tai Chi Tortoise, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Treasure Island, World Class Rugby

Crash Issue 95, January 1992

Altered Beast, April 7th, Bubble Dizzy, Cisco Heat, Hard Drivin', Microfair Madness, Neighbours, Pit-Fighter, Power Drift, Road Runner and Wile E Coyote, Rod-Land, Round the Bend!, Super Heroes, Super Space Invaders, Titanic Blinky, WWF Wrestlemania

Crash Issue 96, February 1992

Adventure Games Pack, Big Nose in the USA, Bismarck, Corya the Warrior Sage, Devastating Blow, Double Dragon 3: Rosetta Stone, Edd the Duck, Fun School 4, Jimmy's Soccer Manager, Last Commando, The, Moontorc, Movie Premiere, Neverending Story 2, The, Paperboy 2, Quattro Fighters, Seymour - Super Seymour Saves the..., Spacegun

Crash Issue 97, March 1992

4 Game Pack No. 1, Captain Planet, Double Dare, Ellisnore Diamond, The, G-Loc R360, Jack the Ripper, Jetsons, The, Jonny Quest in Dr. Zin's Underworld, Potsworth and Co., Shoe People, The, Space Crusade

Crash Issue 98, April 1992

3D Pool, Addams Family, The, Balls, Boots and Brains, Best of the Indies Volume 1, Biff, Danny Dusters Dirty Deeds, Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Jimmy's Super League, Last Ninja 2, Multimixx 4, Rainbow Islands, Rick Dangerous, Robocop 3, Shadow of the Beast, Staff of Power, Stunt Car Racer, TNT 2 - Double Dynamite,