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Rainbow Arts
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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James Leach
Chris Bourne

Gosh, I've waited a long time for this. You wouldn't believe the number of sleepless nights I've had wondering when it was going to pop through the letterbox and how good it was going to be. I've tossed and turned and stared at the ceiling - I tell you it's fair worn me out! I'm a mere shadow of the incredibly good-looking and eligible bach... (Get on with it! Ed).

Oh, okay. If you don't know Turrican 1, hang your head in shame. It's only one of the best horizontal 8-way scrolling shoot-'em-ups ever to appear on the surface of this planet. It was fast, it was slick, it was mega-playable and it had brilliant graphics. So the big question is whether Turrican 2 is better. And it's one I don't think I'll answer just yet (Ha!) Nope, first I think I'll just tell you about it and build up the suspense.

You start off on the surface of a weird planet called Landorin. You're there (out of the kindness of your heart) to trash the Machine, a big robot-thing who's been trying to wipe out all the people on the planet and take it over (the rotter!). But before you can even get close to it you're going to need to hack your way through seven levels of complete anarchy (see box). Ulp! Sounds like a tough job, eh? So, first off, let's have a quick look at the size of Turry's equipment (if you see what I mean).

Armed and dangerous, is he?

Yep! Tury's got new weapons! Cast your mind back to the original game, and you'll remember he had a titchy laser thing and a 'Lightning Beam'. These have been upgraded, so now he's got an improved lightning laser (which sprays electron death like a hose) and a blaster gun which fires blobs of electricity at everything in its way. Also available are pick-up weapons such as extra-wide blasters (to hit more aliens) and special long-range lasers. In fact, you couldn't ask for much more firepower in a shoot-'em-up. Everything looks incredibly mega-destructive and mean (except the lightning gun which looks a bit crap on the screen, like it's been programmed m BASIC).

As you blast your way through the swarms of mutant baddies you realise just how huge the playing area actually is. It's not just right to left scrolling we've got here - you can go up into higher spooky unexplored caverns, or drop down a waterfall or something to visit the nether regions (ooer!). Of course, you don't need to go through every screen to get to the end of each level but it's great knowing they're there (to visit on a return trip if the fancy takes you!).

But it's not just the number of screens that's so impressive (900 at the last count!) - it's how much programmers Enigma Variations have been able to cram into them all. Every step of the way you come across absolutely loads of aliens, pick-ups and new and weird obstacles to overcome. I couldn't believe my peepers! In fact there's almost too much going on - because everything's so colourful, our old friend Mr Attribute Clash rears his many-coloured square heads again and some of the sprites sort of mix together a bit. It's a pity, but a small price to play for the generally stonking graphics.

Billions of baddies

Turry moves very much as he did in the original, but this time a bit faster and smoother. He's still got the ability to jump huge distances (blasting as he goes), but on the ground the sheer weight of baddies makes it difficult to zip quickly through the game. So to win you'll have to be really on your guard - rush in and you're gonna get ambushed and wasted real quick!

There are just so many different types of baddies I'm not even going to bother describing them all. Basically, though, - there are the small ground-crawling types which just get under your feet, there are the flying-and-need-to-be-zapped-quickly types and there are the you'll-need-loads-of-shots-to-kill-me guardians, who block vital routes under the surface. If you wipe out all the baddies in one section you'll have time for a breather before any others wander over to attack (and boy, will you need the breather!), and all in all they look great and move really well.

You'll probably have realised by now that I'm rather a fan of Turrican 2. It's a lot better than the first version (as well it should be, seeing as it's a couple of years on). The graphics have improved, and the sounds nearly up to Dolby standards (well, sort of) But best of all is that it's ridiculously playable and whoppingly huge! I'm going to be plugging away at it for a long time - and I'll be lucky if I can get through to the Machine in 6 months! If all this doesn't make it a Megagame then I'm an Icelandic fisherman named Susan. (Hiya Sue! Ed) Oh do be quiet Andy.

Enormous multi-scrolling shooter, with bags of playability. What more could you want?!


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Level 1

You really get chucked in at the deep end here - there are tons of aliens on the surface of the planet! Fight your way through and you'll reach a shaft leading deep into the bowels of the world.

Level 2

You come across the first nasty traps and pitfalls here. Oh, and your trigger finger will probably be aching already (as you're under continuous bombardment from nasties).

Level 3

Oops! You seem to have fallen into a large amount of water. If you can't swim, now's the time to learn because there are a lot of shark-type nasties swimming your way.

Level 4

Phew! Dry land again. But we're still deep inside the planet. Here you'll need incredible timing to get onto a lift which whisks you into the reaches of the Machine (shock horror!).

Level 5

Hmm. It's time for some thievery. You'll find a spaceship sitting around with the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition, so what do you do? Nick it! (Oh, and kill all the baddies which flock around, trying to stop you.)

Level 6

The spaceship bit continues. There are waves of aliens to fly through and blast, so you're getting two games for the price of one!

Level 7

As you get out of the Machine you find that there are a large number of baddies waiting for you. Unstrap that laser immediately!

Level 8

Arrgghh! The Machine! It's sure to be a tough cookie, so open fire without delay! Keep firing for a few weeks and you might just damage it a bit...


Here's a typical screen, somewhere deep under the planet's surface. Let's see what we can see.


Note the rather swank armour he's got. Looks good, Doesn't need cleaning and will protect him from baddies (up to a point).


You get points for everything you kill, bit wasting an end-of-level guardian gives you bonuses like telephone numbers!


You've really got to keep your eye on this. It drains away at an alarmingly fast rate whenever a nasty comes into contact with you.


These gems occur throughout the game, and as well as giving you a rather nice points bonus they also occassionally give you other spin-offs like increased weapons power or extra time.


Ticks horribly towards zero (when I'm afraid it's 'game over' time!). As it says above, some gems will give you extra time.


Turry only has three, so you've just got to preserve them.

Screenshot Text

You're really deep underground now, and the aliens are all over the shop. Keep that fire button held down and wait for them to walk into the path of your zapping rays!

Cor! This hideous snake-thing is certainly blocking your way! (A bit of concerted zapping should make him see the error of his ways, don't you think, spec-chums?)

Turry's using the lightning laser gun here. He can twirl it round his head and zap aliens in any direction!

Waterfalls can be useful ways of dropping down a few levels (but you might land on a nasty's head!).