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Electronic Arts
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Simulations of boats and planes are getting pretty old hat these days, but when did you last get the chance to try your hand in a hydrofoil? A what?

You know, one of those boats that rise up out of the water on legs. Not the ones pecked with holiday makers crossing the channel to the hypermarkets for the day, but the military variety. Fast, sleek and dangerous. A bit like a certain well-known reviewer actually, but not nearly so much fun at parties!

So now you're at the helm of this hydro-job, whaddya gonna do with it? Might I suggest taking on one of the eight missions you're presented with, ranging from a simple (?) training exercise to a full blown sortie in the Gulf. On the other hand, maybe you'd have been better off staying in bed.

The game display is spread over two screens. The first is the operations map where you can plan your route and command your choppers (the flying variety), when they're provided. Then there's the bridge, with a standard out-of-the-cockpit view and your control panel.

Having picked up a ship on your radar, jammed any missiles it may throw at you and brought It within range, you may as well knock it about a bit. This can be done either with your cannon or a guided missile, which needs to be... well, guided, to its target. The resulting explosion rivals even a Marathon for satisfaction.

While there definitely potential for a good game in here somewhere, I'm afraid the overall result looks a bit tacky. Graphics are sparse, just the inevitable expanses of ocean and not much attempt to animate the enemy when you finally track him down.

I cant say I found the gameplay too thrilling either. Cruising around the high seas is fun for a while, but not even the most frenzied of battles really gets the adrenalin flowing. Maybe it's just that Pegasus can't decide whether to be a strategy game or a shoot 'em up. There really isn't enough of either in it for me.

A rather dull combat simulation that fails to grab you by the nauticals.