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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

First reviewed in December 1987 this was the first game we ever saw from Probe, and now reappears - as things do - on this 'ere Kixx thing. It's a shoot 'em up in the Spanish style - lots of lovely graphics, attractive backgrounds and nasties, but a little thin on gameplay. Trantor has 90 seconds before bodybombs sewn under his skin (yuk) explode, during which time he must run through the corridors of an underground alien complex, blasting nasties with his flamethrower, in a frenzied race to discover the code sequence to the matter transporter, his only means of escape.

Along the way he discovers computer terminals which give him one of the letters of the code and reset his bodybomb, and by hopping between these he can prolong his life just long enough to reach his goal, bobbing down to avoid low-flying aliens and picking up first aid kits, computer pass kits and energy-giving food. All good fun, and indeed last time round Phil gave it a Megagame, mainly, I think, because of the stupendous graphics. But time is cruel. While the backgrounds, aliens and particularly Trantor himself look fabbo, the gameplay now seems ever so slightly tedious - and it's hard in a frustrating rather than an invigorating way. Still, I carp - or even herring. For three nicker it's still a birrova steal, and blast fanatics could do much worse.