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Cartoon Time
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

This is one CodeMasters' new games for younger players - so it says here - but actually Wizrd Willy is quite a gas for any age-group. As usual you are the last hope of some inconsiderate victim who's been trapped somewhere far away - ie at least 8 billion screens to the right. Willy (fnar) therefore has to wander along a monochrome landscape collecting various useful things and killing things that are less useful. Sounds a familiar tale, doesn't it? But thanks to some neat perspective graphics and a few nice ideas here and there - more to do with presentation, admittedly, than actual gameplay - Wizard Willy manages to rise above the mundane. A few low platforms, make the game more than one-dimensional, and the whole shebang has been executed with great care and a certain style. The only downside is that it's sometimes hard to make out what precisely is going on - the graphics can become a little indistinct. But it's not a disastrous flaw, and indeed not quite knowing what's going on is an intrinsic part of the game. Neat for sprogs, and not bad for older gamesters either.