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Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

As well you may have guessed, Yes Prime Minister (the game) is based on the popular TV comedy show. I say "popular" because, well, it was, wasn't it? The PM's favourite telly prog apparently. But what does she know? I thought it was crap (but that was probably because I never understood the jokes).

But what about the game? Well, you're the Prime Minister trying to please the British Public so that everybody likes you and wants to vote you back into office. So, no, you can t double the Poll Tax in Wales (even though they deserve it - ho ho, just joshing). To succeed you have to make the correct choices at the right time to various random problems, with clues lying around the place to help you on your way. Come to think of it, the thing's really more of an adventure than a 'proper' game with lots of text to read and people to interact with (so what it's doing here rather than in Uncle Mike's grotto I don't know). The main difference is that you manage all this by moving a cursor around, and clicking on things, such as the phone, or a letter when you want to do something. Everything is operated by choices ("Do you want to do this, or that?", that sort of thing) and all the problems for you to sort out are random. It's a bit hard to explain it in full but it's very playable and well presented, so if this sort of thing sounds like your bag then go get purchasing.


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Yes, Prime Minister. No, Prime Minister. Oh, bog off, Prime Minister. (Hey, isn't that a photo of Edwina Curry on the desk? I think we should be told.)