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Domark Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Don't panic - Domark haven't written a Desmond Lynam Simulator (well, not yet anyway). Grandstand is actually a compilation of four sporty games in which you can take on the professionals. Lucrative sponsorship deals ahoy!

Gazza Super Soccer
It's that man again! A straightforward (ie non-management) soccer game that has you kicking around with the usual mix of Speccy and Spec-chum teams, in league and cup competitions. The horizontal pitch doesn't scroll - when you reach the end of the screen it flips perspective to a 3D view of the goalmouth. This is a gimmick we could have done without - it plays hell with the flow of the action and causes the players to obscure the ball. Overall, a bit of a mess, which is a pity, but there you are.

Continental Circus
Panic pedestrians by swerving all over the main roads of famous cities int this unexceptional arcade driver. With smooth but ugly graphics thimbleful of new features and too-tricky gameplay, it's a race game with no difference.

World Class Leaderboard
Leaderboard was the golf sim that changed the world (or at least the bits of it that wanted to play gold on a computer). WCL is of course the, um, world-class version of the original. Challenge up to four pals (of go it alone) over four courses of 18 holes, all presented in cheerful (though slowly-drawn) 3D. While your hands aren't likely to leap off your wrists with excitement, it's very playable, quite a bit addictive and certainly more fun than the real thing. (There's no Jimmy Tarbuck for a start.)

Pro Tennis Tour
Large 3D sprites (and some hilariously bad animation) enliven this racquet-smashingly tough game. Similar to Passing Shot in that the emphasis is on fast, whack-the-ball fun. I'd say this one has the edge with its oodles of options - practice games, skill levels etc. You won't get very far against the Speccy, but rope in a pal for a stonkingly entertaining time.

Well, it's not crap, but with two pretty dire games Grandstand is wobbling perilously close to the 50' mark. Fling your pennies elsewhere. (Preferably in my direction!)


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Where's that Geordie boy then? In bed with a sore knee, we'll bet!