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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

From the duck of the same name comes as slick a clone as I've seen in many a month. Basically it's a beginner's Rainbow Islands which, for those of you who were struck unexpectedly by a bookcase and consequently spent six years living in Leighton Buzzard as a commodities broker named Kim, is a supercute vertically-scrolling platform game. Revolving around the bid for superstardom of Wee Beaky himself, the game has you waddling through three BBC departments (Weather, Special Effects and Children's BBC), filching twenty golden trinkets from each.

Ranged against you are mobs of twee baddies, but luckily you've been armed by the Blue Peter team with a weapon ingeniously constructed from a toilet-roll tube, an old bazooka and lashings of sticky-backed plastic.

Gameplay is unsurprisingly Rainbow Islands-like. There's many a hop, skip and burbling sob cos it's actually rather hard, in a cunningly-designed sort of way. It's the vertical scrolling, y'see - you never quite know if there's going to be a nasty lurking just above.

Still, it's all time-wastingly playable, with brash and colourful graphics (though disappointingly few sound effects).

You may find it a bit short (only three levels, after all) but it's well worth a look. Quack quack quack.


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Here's our Edd in the Weather Department. it's obviously summer, look at all those luvverly sandcastles. Mmm!