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Rainbow Arts
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Turrican is a bloody good game. So good, in fact, that my friend from across the road has stolen my copy. Never mind, at least I got to play it first.

Turrican is possibly one of the most blathered about platform games in the somewhat historic history of history itself. It's a lot more than just a platform game - it's a large platform game. Just take this issue of Your Sinclair, remove the staples and spread the pages over the carpet of your favourite room. The covered floor space still won' t be as large as the first level - that's how big it is.

It's also a shoot-'em-up, 'em being the entire mobile alien population of the Universe. As an exploratory game, you get to wander around levels looking for secret caches of weaponry. This can really take it out of you, and your time limit. Oh, and it's a multi-load too.

In true xenophobic tradition you're given a plot which is about as likely as Rolf Harris. Still, what really matters is that you get to deal out some loud, colourful and extremely painful death. There are six possible ways of destroying any one nasty, so you really are spoilt for choice. As for variety, there's loads of it. Each level has its own theme and new nasties emerge each time: twice as big, four times as deadly and dripping with slime.

There are but two niggles - there appear to be no 128K extras, and it doesn't wait for a fire press after loading in levels. But apart from this, I can't find a single fault. If you poor deluded souls haven't already got this, I suggest that you dash out and get yourself a copy pronto Tonto.


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Watch in amazement as different-coloured things drop out of the sky and land on the ground in piles.