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US Gold Ltd
Adventure: RPG
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Ahem. Heroes Of The Lance was originally a YS Megagame, although for the life of me I can't see why. I've checked to see if the issue it appeared in was April (it wasn't, so it couldn't have been a joke), I've checked to see if the reviewer in question actually exists (he does) and so I can only conclude that, heaven forbid, we were wrong. The aforementioned reviewer will never work in this town again.

I'm stalling a bit here, but frankly I would have had more fun trying to load the latest Roxette album into my poor unsuspecting Speccy than this. Not that it isn't well programmed, it's just that this kind of game needs a certain something if it's to make the crossing from the role playing Dungeons and Dragons universe to the Speccyverse. To be quite frank, having dismantled the cassette with a sharp knife and a screwdriver (cross-point head), I can't find it anywhere. Personally I found it monotonous, fiddly, unbearably complicated, monochrome, very very dated and I kept getting killed. (Poo. Ed) The menu system is a danger to your sanity, and the only way to fight is to hack away until one of the opponents is dead. The plot is unhelpful in the extreme, something about collecting the Disks of Unpronounceable from a ruined city. I've got nothing against this type of game and I'm not trying to be controversial or anything, but somehow Heroes and I didn't click. We just sort of rubbed uncomfortably against one another.


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So I said to him, I said "What are you doing in this strange land?" and he said "Some late Christmas shopping". And then I killed him.