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Not Known
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Linda Barker
Chris Bourne

When this racing game first appeared exactly a year ago it was a tad outdated. Now, none of the characters in the game are in the television series which renders the whole concept completely worthless. You take the part of Scott Robinson and your vehicle is a, erm, skateboard. Your opponents are Charlene Ramsay on a gokart, Henry Ramsay on a lawnmower, Mike Young on a skateboard and Matt Robinson on a motorbike. Now I used to watch Neighbours around the time this game was originally produced, and I can't for the life of me remember who Matt Robinson was. But hey! That's not important, let's have a look at the game.

The game itself is simple enough, choose your opponent and set off around Erinsborough. To make it all a bit different, there are various obstacles to be manoeuvred around. Go through Harold Bishop's gates and avoid a tetchy Mrs Mangel, Des Clarke's car, a very young Todd's car and a bouncing kangaroo. The gameplay is a tad more difficult as your skateboard, especially the souped-up faster one, needs to be kept under strict control. At its most difficult, ie with four other racers and loads of obstacles, getting down Ramsay Street without causing damage to either yourself or one of the useless biddies who wanders out into the road is as difficult as getting past the first page of Ulysses. Despite the useless concept, this is a very fun racer. If you didn't get it the first time round, then ignore the Neighbours tie-in and have a ride round the block with this. The theme tune's there too. in a simplified but groovy kinda way!


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Dave was so excited the day that he though he'd discovered the carrot. He threw caution to the wind and skateboarded to work.

The place was a complete and utter shambles. His mum said that it was the last time John was allowed to bring the game back for a race.