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John Prince
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Alex Entwhistle, Alan Grier, Alan Hunter
Chris Bourne

Mr Wong is being chased by a clothes iron, a stack of dirty washing and even soap suds, as he tries to collect the laundry. So it's up to you to help him out by spraying his pursuers with starch to stun them.

Alex: The graphics aren't very impressive and the colour doesn't improve the situation. Being so slow makes the game far too easy to play, especially when you're using a joystick, so it's worth remembering to play this one via the keyboard. Collecting laundry is an original idea, but it doesn't prove to be exciting. MISS

Alan H: Originality is low - it's similar to burgertime type games - but this doesn't make the game any less playable or addictive. It includes above average, well-drawn and fairly smooth graphics, with only the merest amount of flicker. But the colour could be better, as the whole display is rather dull. Another minus is the speed - it's quite slow for this type of game, but using the keyboard instead of a joystick solves the problem to some extent. HIT

Alan H: There's a tendency to call this game boring, but that's only because the speed is so slow and perhaps because of the way colour is used; it's the same on every screen, which means everything looks the same. However, the graphics are well defined. It would be better to have total control of Mr Wong; for example if you press the key to go left he'll continue until another key is pressed. HIT