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Computer Tutor
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Alex Entwhistle, Alan Grier, Alan Hunter
Chris Bourne

This is an easy learning program for the over-nines where the pupil (player) has to answer simple questions before becoming a space pilot. Then the aim is to trade beyond hyperspace to find the power crystals. Strategy and clear thinking are necessary as you overcome such assorted hazards as asteroids, leaking fuel tanks and dust belts.

Alex: The idea is to answer the questions correctly and get the fuel you need to search for the power crystals. That done, movement is via the cursor keys, one character block at a time; of course as it's meant for nine-year olds, the speed is very slow. However, the graphics are quite clear, and made better by the simple but pleasing use of colour. There's also some nicely applied sound to increase enjoyment. HIT

Alan G: The originality factor is very high, but it's doubtful whether this program has any real educational value - or any degree of playability. It's very colourful, but the speed is far too slow (even for nine-year olds) and the sound can only be described as poor. Just because a program is aimed at the young is no reason for slap-dash presentation. MISS

Alan H: It might appeal to nine-year olds, but at nine-and-a-half you'd be too old for this one. The graphics are basic and uninteresting, the speed is too slow, and the colour fails to attract or excite. The packaging'* attractive and there's an offer of a Clever Clogs poster and a competition to enter. MISS