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MC Lothlorien Ltd
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Dave: No, it's not a diet program, we're back in wargame land.

This one's based on the Battle of Antwerp which happened around the end of WWI II. If you cast your mind back to Imagine's Stonkers, there are a lot of similarities - such as using the cursor to move troops around on-screen. Also like Stonkers, you're kept up to date by means of a ticker-tape display.

The actual playing area is about 12 times the size of the screen, so when your cursor gets near to the edge of the screen you scroll automatically into the next area. Screen graphics are OK, but nothing to write to Mum about in your letter from the Front.

The game can be played by two players, the Speccy taking the other side should you have to play on your own.

Strategically, Bulge is quite good, but I've got a feeling hardened wargamers may find the whole affair a bit easy. However, for the novice, Bulge is recommended. 3/5 MISS

Ross: On the whole, I find most wargames boring. Having said that, though, The Bulge should satisfy the death-dealing instincts of your average aspiring Montgomery... it looks complicated enough anyway. 2/5 MISS

Roger: With a title like that I'm sure there's something obscene I could say... but it might detract from what I thought was a very good wargame. Definitely one for the more violent of our readership. 4/5 MISS