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Jonathan M. Smith
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Ross Holman, Roger Willis, Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Rick: Now, I always thought that Hypersports was skiving off cross country with the lovely Sharon to share a No. 6 but this classy sporting simulation takes you through swimming, skeet shooting, (C'mon. get your skeets on. Ed), vaulting, archery, triple jump and weigh lifting. Not even Daley Thompson combines that little lot so you can class yourself quite a little hexathlete (calm down, I said hex!) if you make it to the end. You'll be just about ready for Seoul by then.

You start off with the swimming that's guaranteed to work you up into a quick frenzy - all that joystick wagglin' and fire button breathin'. Sort of underwater DT's, if you see what I mean. But while the swimming's all brawn the skeet's all reflex - the nice computer aims the gun for you so you only have to shoot. Only in the later sections do the old hand/eye co-ordinates require any grey matter. The vaulting and the triple jump are the hardest to master at the outset, but here the graphics are especially eye-catching. Watch out as well, for the wink of success when you qualify in the shooting and the rude noise when the vaulter comes a cropper. My only gripe is that it's a bit of a bore having to go back to the beginning if you fail to qualify at any of the rounds.

This is about the only way I'll do a triple jump in my bedroom! 4/5 HIT

Ross: What a sports simulation. The events have mostly done away with the key bashin', joystick thrashin' of previous games of this ilk. and I don't like to boast but I bet there's not many of you on your third time round already. Huh? 4/5 HIT

Roger: All this exercise is doing me in... I told the Ed, the old wrists'll pack in again but he won't listen. I dunno he'll want me to start reviewing out of bed soon. 4/5 HIT


Screenshot Text

When the message, 'Breath' flashes on the screen, you'd better do it - or die! Just hit the fire button as quickly as poss but make sure it doesn't put you off your stroke.

This is the all-time top three greatest.

Here's an update on your time in this event. It should give you a rough time to pace yourself but you'll have to wait for the finish to see exactly how well you did.

Here's the qualifying time you've got to beat - 45 seconds - before you're allowed a crack at the next event. First time round this event's a doddle but just wait till you're on your fourth lap.

Your sights will automatically lock onto the clay pigeons as they come within range - all you've got to do is make sure you fire when they're inside the box.

Don't bank on pigeon pie for supper - these birds are made of clay. If you're going for the high scores, you'll soon find out just how fast they can fly - from both directions.

Here you are - the picture of concentration. But watch out for the wink when you've managed to qualify.

Here's one of the launch pads that the skeets come skiddadling out of. As soon as they start appearing from the left, things starts to speed up.