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Chris Kerry
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Ross Holman, Roger Willis, Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Roger: The story line, claiming that you have been partially transformed into a sick parrot with heart disease, by the wicked Kremin, is enough to put anybody off this game.

Basically, the feathered hero is required to flap through the usual multi-screen yawnorama, collecting sustaining objects to maintain energy level, hunting the reversal serum to turn you back from oven-ready turkey into near-normal Spectrum owner. Once that first objective has been chirpily achieved, then four pieces of 'nuclear fuel' must be gathered together in the Kremin reactor room and escape made before the big whoopsy occurs. Useful wizards and boomerangs can be found on the way, along with the aforementioned birdseed or whatever.

The graphics are fairly ordinary, the degree of control is imprecise to say the least and the screen content is just a hotch-potch of unoriginal obstacles and nasties. This game would be best used for the computing equivalent of lining the bottom of your budgie's cage... 2/5 MISS

Rick: Spot the influence time again. Is it Sabrewulf or perhaps Wriggler, maybe even a touch of Underwurlde. There's probably a game in here somewhere but the weight of history hangs too heavy. 2/5 MISS

Ross: Nothing to write home about here. Another maze type game. Nothing to write about at all in fact. 2/5 MISS