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Melbourne House
John Jones-Steele
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Peter Freebrey
Chris Bourne

So, Melbourne House claims that this, their latest text-only adventure comes from the same authors as Classic Adventure... same programmers, yes, but it's certainly not written by that famous duo, Crowther and Woods, who started us all off way back, with their Collossal Caves - of which Classic Adventure's a very good copy.

So, following this gripe about the hype, I've got to admit that Mordon's Quest ain't all bad and should keep you occupied for many hours.

What's the plot, then? Well, fairly novel really - you've been chosen to save the world by finding and returning a number of strange devices to Mordon. Your quest takes you through many different times and cultures where you'll pick up other valuable treasures - a sort of mythical antiques roadshow!

Follow the usual adventurers guidelines and you won't go far wrong. Map your progress from the start, try all directions and if you get lost in the fog, pop back indoors for a breather.

You'll find that the puzzles are all pretty logical and combined with the large number of locations and vocabulary, you won't get that 'I've wasted my money' feeling. Oh, and one last tip - remember that the sword is sometimes mightier than the pen!

Not Rated

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A stately setting which befits this authentic adventure. The blanket can hardly be classified as a 'valuable treasure', but Mordon's a funny chap, he'll probably find a use for it.