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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Peter Freebrey
Chris Bourne

How do they do it? It seems that every game Level 9 brings out is better than the last. This is their third truly graphical adventure and it's easily the most brilliant yet. There are, hold your breath, over 200 piccies and although you can turn them off if you want to race through at top speed, it hardly makes a difference with this game. You can even type in your next instruction while the pictures are being drawn.

Your aim in the game is to track down and take back the Red Moon Crystal. The text is as descriptive as ever and there's the usual sprinkling of Level 9's wacky humour.

As you may have gathered, I reckon this is a pretty magic game but it also has the added attraction of real Magik. So, in addition to the usual commands, there are a number in the format, CAST XXXX. Now, you can teleport, locate objects, look into nearby rooms and so on.

This game will occupy adventurers with a wide range of skills - the beginner will have plenty to explore without becoming too frustrated, while hardened head-bangers will find plenty to frustrate them!

If I were to rate Red Moon on a scale of one to a hundred this would be up there in the nineties. Go on, treat your friends to a quiet week or two!

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You can stash the cash safely in this run down, ruined shack, but don't hang around shivering, there's a whole world of Magik to be discovered out there...