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Paul Hutchinson
Arcade: Maze
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Rick: One for all you raiders of the lost Arcade. An adventure with a platform element, this game combines something of a Dr. Who scenario with an intergalactic Roots saga. A game most certainly for the skilful, not the wilful, as just one false blast (well only a few anyway) on your retro will doom your ancestral race, to oblivion. As a cosmic culture-vulture your mission impossible is to retrieve the 64 pieces of your people's covenant. You won't find 'Darwin was here' scratched on any of the multitudinous caverns in this game, as it's actually the groovy ghoulies who threaten your existence. They're miraculously transmuted into your own descendants once you've captured them all - it's a wonderful thing evolution.

But what am I doing, I can't go on telling you the plot! Let me tell you about the revival of the bubble car instead. You must manoeuvre your spherical craft, In a roundabout way through rocky caverns and around ledges. Don't worry about bursting the bubble, you can quite safely smash it into walls. But be warned, it's no smooth ride in your floating globe. You'll need a pretty nifty touch to control the craft as the friction factor's high, so don't expect to slip around gracefully like the ball in a Steve Davis trick shot. And don't waste energy searching for a recharging spot either.

If you've got Superman-type-saviour-of-the-world instincts, then you should have plenty of fun with The Covenant, and it really does put the joy back into joystick! 8/10

Ross: I know software can be adventurous, but the thought of being the last bastion of a whole threatened race is hard to get used to! Luckily, controlling the vehicle and avoiding grand caverns takes your mind off the seriousness of your task! Watch out Indiana Jones, you've got a rival! 6/10

Dougie: The graphics are fairly average, but the game is well up to scratch. It takes a bit of practice to get really good, and there's no chance of me finding all 64 bits of the covenant... but that's no problem. Fun. fun, fun. 8/10


Screenshot Text

My. haven't we done well. (No! Ed) This large area shows just what you've collected so far - and that can be summed up m one word - zilch. You get the Picture?

What have we got here - a key! You can use it to open one of the treasure chests where you'll find a piece o' the coveted covenent.

Your lives are illustrated by the three hearts. When they pump purple, you're in good shape but like this, blue, cold and lifeless, it's clear you've had one heart attack too many.

The bubble car's making a comeback! You have two choices when it comes to transport - in the pod here or Shank s pony, but you'll have less protection then. The catch is that you can't pick anything up or recharge your energy when you're inside your womb with a view.

The plants are harmless and just for decoration. The objects you'll find, however, can boost your power cells or provide weapons - or they can do the exact opposite. The motto is, take care!

LOOK for level ground if you want to disembark from your globe or you could be in big trouble at touchdown.

Don't let 'em get you in a corner. The meanies move in a crescent shaped patch and you'll have to take avoiding action if you don't want your power drained.