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Database Software
Alan Mellor
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Dougie: Looking through the 24-page manual for this simulation isn't an inspiring task - the words tell you all about the Red Arrows' celebrated career, their planes and their successes... and... eventually... on to the game itself. Which is what we're here for!

Once you've digested the relevant 10 pages of playing hints and tips, you can decide to fly in formation or solo. Solo is, of course, flying on your own. Boring. Flying in formation, however, is OK - a bit like Come Dancing with jet aircraft.

The control panel is, as always, crammed with every kind of indicator imaginable. Of course, no-one ever looks at these... but they're there if you want.

The graphics are good and chunky, but pixel graphics might have introduced a more interesting in-flight display. Your role in this simulation is to keep up with the rest of the lads on-screen. And if you fail in your manoeuvres, you end up parachuting down out of your plane...

Oh, one last thing. Aficianados will be interested to hear there's a competition included in the package. This could be your chance to meet up with the real Red Arrows! 7/10

Rick: As soon as I loaded this one up. I switched from automatic pilot into top speed games-playing mode. I didn't mind lagging behind the other high-flyers - after all, who gets to parachute every day? Swoop down on this one chaps! 6/10

Ross: I think I've had enough of these magnificent games about flying machines, but I admit that there's more to this than plain flying. It's artistic innit, like! 5/10