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Taskset Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
SpeedLock 1

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Dougie: First off, don't be taken in by the screenshots from the Commie 64 version on the inlay card. The Spectrum version's screens are just as interesting, the sprites are just as fast and smooth, but the graphics aren't as pretty and the designer chappy who colours it all in must have had the afternoon off.
But if looks don't matter too much, then this game's a treat. It's a bit of an exercise in uncontrolled mayhem, but it does have a cute story so it can't be that violent!
Foreman Fred heads up a bunch of mindless workmen (who resemble Ewocks in tin hats) whose job it is to make sure that the water continues to flow through the pipeline. And why shouldn't it continue to flow? Ah, didn't I mention the deadly slugs, spanners, showers of tacks, lobsters, power drills and hammers?
The action is fast and furious - you never get too much time to consider tactics, it's just a matter of shooting all the time and patching up the leaks. Foreman Fred fixes a leak in the pipeline by leading one of the Munchkin workers over to the hole, whereupon the little man seems to do something rather obscene with a hammer. It's soon fixed but, oh no, another leak's started. And that's it really... apart from the fact that every time you manage to fill a barrel full of water at the end of the pipeline, you're whisked off to another level, a different shaped pipeline, different nasties and the same ol' mayhem.
Absurdly impossible, foolishly frustrating... but fun. 7/10
Rick: Look. I can't hang around here. I've got a leak over there and the nasties are on my back... Pack up the grey matter and plumb the depths! 8/10
Ross: It's only a couple of months since the original Pipeline appeared under a different company. You'd have to be really dedicated to want both but if it's only one you're after, this is it. 7/10