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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Steve Cooke
Chris Bourne

Adventure International certainly rake in those big titles to turn into Spectrum adventure hits! Following in the footsteps of Gremlins is Robin of Sherwood. You could say it was like robbing the big screen to give to the small!

Anyway, how do the adventures of Robin the wonderboy live up to our expectations? You'll find great graphics, with a different one for every location. You won't be at all disappointed by the program either, though I reckon the game could be just a teeny bit friendlier. It kept ignoring my commands and getting the program to accept my phrasing was harder than solving the puzzles.

This game is a winner despite the niggly bits. Be careful when leaving the castle near the start. If you manage to make your escape from the Goblin's Dungeon, then you should make it out of the castle...

Not Rated