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ERE Informatique
Remi Herbulot
Arcade: Pinball
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Rick: WEll, flip me, what a bumper treat for pinball and programming wizards. This is the pinball game in excelsis!

But not only that, this game has the facility to let you design your own pin ball table. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with the programmed one. And if you come up with a beaut then PSS will build it and give it to you. If you don't win their competition it'll still provide you with endless permutations of bumpers, bells and ripples.

Right from the loading screen this game captures all the thrills of those nights manically flexing your flipper fingers. But there's no seven foot lurch behind you ready to top yer if yer beat his score.

Like all the best games its simplicity itself. Six flippers are controlled by two keys. For a little ambience, press C to put your money in. (No bent 10ps allowed). Punch up the number of players you want then release the ball at the pace you like to pin those posts or pot that special. As a simulation its uncanny. The flippers have the deftness and delicacy of the best of the real thing. You can jolt - but gently, or else, of course you tilt. You can catch and hold the ball for precision shooting - or flip as frantically as your reflexes allow.

You don't have to be a Tommy to enjoy this - nor, indeed, to have played pinball before. But I bet you'll be deaf, dumb and blind to any other Arcades once you're hooked on this! 9/10


Screenshot Text

These posts count for bonus points after each ball - get as many as possible before going down the tube.

Yes the game even includes tilt! You can nudge that ball over just a little, but go too far and... Ooops!

Macadam features all those nice bits you get on the 'real' machines including extra balls, bonus points and something mysteriously tagged 'special'.

This is the screen that will allow you to design your own Pinball game. If your efforts are judged the best by PSS the you could win a real full-sized machine for your bedroom!

The ball's shot out from here and you've total control over the speed it flies out at. It's all done in the press of a button!

This game's got more flippers than a school of dolphins. You see, Macadam will let you have as many flippers as you care to cram into the screen.

If you get bored with this layout then you can re-design your own. One of the program's most powerful features, that!

You position the bumpers and the like, that you want on the play area by simply pressing their letter label. YThe arrow on the object marks the point from which they'll be drawn.