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Ocean Software Ltd
Sport: Action
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Dougie: you'll be really knackered when you get to grips with D.T.'s Supertest, it;s a real test of skill and endurance not to mention the dadamge it does to your digits!

First off, comes the pistol shooting, where you'll need a quick eye and a fast hand to score enough points to qualify.

Next up is the Cycle Racing, where you compete against the clock. Actually, it's more of a test to see what gives in first, you, your fingers, or your poor ol' speccy!

When you've fully recovered from the cycling, you get the chance to go for a nice relaxing dip in the pool. Ha-ha, that'll be the day - you didn't think you'd get in there for nothing did you? No, you have to turn somersaults and dive into the water without the slightest ripple.

You'd better dig out your thermal underwear for the next even as it gets pretty chilly on the Giant Slalom. Although you get 2 chances you'll probably spend more time on your backside than you will winging your way down the slopes!

Say 2 sees you starting four new events. The rowing is another finger numbing exercise in stamina, and you'll have to beat the clock to qualify. You're also up against a computer opponent who's hard to beat.

Beat the Goalie, next. Well, you don't actually get to beat the goalie, you have to beat him at penalties. You can build up the power of your shot on the run up and at the last minute kick the ball at an angle to fool the goalie. (Tee-hee!)

Now you're for the high jump. Well, actually the Ski Jump, but they want you to jump high anyway! To get the best flight, build up your speed on the ramp, then just before the end, press the fire button to jump off into the clear blue yonder.

If you've any stamina left after all that, it's time yo put your bulging biceps to the test in the tug-of-war. Once again your fingers bear the brunt of the bashing as you struggle to pull your way to victory. It's all pretty exhilerating stuff. 9/10


Screenshot Text

Each event has its own 'qualify' mark. You don't necessarily need to achieve this point to get into the next event, but if you do, it does mean you'll go with your full line up of athletes.

You can move out and up, but you can't move back in to hit your target, that means you've got to be accurate first time! There ain't no second chances in this event.

One advantage this has over Hypersports is the fact you start off with three men. This means that if you fail one event, you can always get into the next event providing you have a man left.

You've only got two directional controls, so how does Daley work that one out? Well, it ain't too easy - the left button is used for moving left and right while the right-hand it used to move you up. It takes a lot of getting used to!

To do well in the Ski Jump, build up plenty of speed before launching yourself off into the cold air to gain the maximum jump possible. You'll need to go like fury on power buttons, and then take off as close to the edge as you dare.

Down here, at the bottom of most screens, you'll find this little power meter. This tells you just exactly how much effort you're putting into each event, which is quite important since this is directly related to the score you're going to get at the end.

Take care when landing - if you press the button too early you'll take a tumble in the snow. Too low and you'll break those expensive skis on hire from Ocean.

These views show you the plan and side views of your jump. Use the top one to judge when you've got to prepare your landing, and the bottom one to estimate how far you are flying. Whoopee!