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Partyline Ltd
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Rick: I s'pose it makes a change from painting the town red. Partyline's Maze Craze could cause a yellow fever of excitement if you've never been dazed by a maze game before. Otherwise there's little here that an awayday to Hampton Court couldn't provide.

The game is simplicity itself. And the more simple you are the more you'll enjoy it. You've got to guide your man about the maze, choosing a level of difficulty between one and nine depending on how much you like wriggling your wrist.

As the man progresses he'll excrete something yellow to colour the maze. You better be quick though 'cos one of the beastly beasties has a taste for this sort of thing (rabbits do something similar, I believe) and he'll gobble up your trail.

On leaving the yellow brick road you've to collect moths of various value whilst avoiding the statutary plonkers and munchies! The moths get reincarnated and die as quickly as interest in this game and if you catch a frog or a bug you can enter one of the four special mazes.

Here the 'ugly bug ball' continues and pretty terrifyingly for those in awe of arachnids. 'Cos here comes a spider to sit down beside yer - and only a kamikaze dive with the poison bottle can save you. The khazi isn't the first place I'd despatch this game. Little 'uns who like pulling the legs off spiders or zapping flies in the microwave might get a kick out of it. 3/10

Ross: Urrrgghhhh! 0/10

Dougie: Even if the game's a pile of old dross you've got to give it to Partyline for being brave enough to release it. 1/10