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Melbourne House
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Teresa Maughan
Chris Bourne

Terrormolinos isn't just the kind of place you only visit once it's also one of those games you'll never return to.

You've decided to visit Terrormolinos on the Costa Brava with Beryl, the wife, and Ken and Doreen, the kids. Sounds wonderful eh? Little do you know that Terrormolinos is a real dive and that you'll have to face such perils as being gored by a raging bull, getting heatstroke, suffering severe food poisoning and losing an argument with a Euro-juggernaut.

The aim of the game is not only to survive the worst package tour of your life but to bring back ten snapshots to prove you actually did it!

The trouble starts before you've even left your cosy semi in the murky depths of Slough. You've got about ten minutes to pack and get the kids out of the house. Sounds easy huh? Well it certainly ain't!

There are numerous catches designed to hinder your departure. But after a while they get to be a dead bore rather than an intellectual challenge. Not only do you have to search for your passport, tickets and suitcase, but you've also got to remember daft thinks like locking the step ladder before you climb it or you'll break your neck!

And if you attempt to board the taxi without dropping the ladder you'll get more than a mouthful from the indignant cabbie.

Having successfully packed and survived the journey to the hotel with Ken throwing up all over the place, the adventure really begins...

Once you reach the sunsoiled shores of Spain you're confronted with seven greasy-haired, tight-buttocked prima donnas who fancy themselves as waiters and a crazy Spanish coach driver offering every excursion under the sun. It's here you've got to be selective as there are only twelve exposures in your camera and you must take ten successful pics.

Everytime you suffer a fatal experience or take a decent piccy, a picture will magically develop on the screen. The graphics in Terrormolinos are supposed to reproduce those saucy seaside postcards. If you ask me, they've got a real cheek to try it!

I got a bit fed up with being arrested for flashing or for taking a really good pic of a wild nightclub and I got even more cheesed off with dying everytime I put a foot wrong.

Terrormolinos is original and quite fast but its predecessor, Hampstead, is much the better game!

Wish you were here playing Terrormolinos... instead of mc.

Not Rated