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Bob Hamilton
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Beaky, a member of the Andromedan Armed Condors, has chosen to lay her eggs on the planet Crackit. Unfortunately, this is the home of the egg-snatchers, so the first thing is help Beaky recover her eggs, then assist in brooding and chick rearing.

Alan G: Originality, in this case, doesn't just apply to the idea, but also to the design and movement of the graphics. They're super smooth, flicker free, and include excellent detail. In fact, it takes 120 frames of animation to move Beaky alone. Although the colours aren't the brightest possible (black background), they're easy on the eyes. HIT

Alex: The graphics are generally very impressive, especially Beaky (when she's in flight) and the egg-snatchers themselves. However, the use of colour could have been better - it's a bit dull to look at; a little more sound might have helped as well. Nevertheless, the originality of the idea, and the fast action, make this an extremely good game to play. The option of defining your own keys helps. HIT

Alan H: The screen display is somehow lacking, offering little to maintain the player's concentration, which is one reason why this game is so difficult to play. Another is the speed, which is sometimes so fast that Beaky flies out of control. Still, the graphics are of a very high quality, and are not adversely affected by the high speed. The actual idea is as good as it is novel. MISS