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Ocean Software Ltd
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Will Brooker
Chris Bourne

97% Issue 39

'The best Ritman/ Drummond game yet - it's even better than Batman!' saAd CRASH. We read on: 'cuddly', 'cute'.

I agree; and that's probably what puts me off Head Over Heels. I can do without poisonous Marmite jars, stuffed rabbits, reincarnation fish and doughnuts, especially when their purpose in the game bears no relation to their appearance (why should stuffed rabbits give you extra abilities?).

The scenario is unoriginal (two spies from the planet Freedom are out to destroy the Evil Empire), and the graphics look like something you see on early-teatime children's ITV (not that I watch it). Yes, they're detailed and well-animated; yes, they're cute if you like that sort of thing; but there's nothing to link them all together.

As isometric arcade adventures go this is probably the best of its kind - there are lots of features. and the graphics are technically the best yet - but no way is it 'the ultimate game'. I like mine a little less silly and with a lot more logic behind them.


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Reviewers loved the cuddly sprites and pointless quirks - but has Head Over Heels got its feet on the gameplay ground?