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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

What do you want to wake up to on Christmas Day? Is it a new teddy bear, a pair of woollen socks or a life supply of sugar mice? No, it's got to be the new Defender Light Gun from Cheetah, the answer to all Father Christmas's worries about what to give the kiddies.

You can have endless fun pretending to shoot the cat in the traditional Chrissy pictures around the tree. Or scaring your mum and dad by bursting into their bedroom at 5.00am screaming 'Give us the loot!'. Alternatively you can play the rather spiffing games that come with it!

You get a total of six games with the gun, all programmed by Code Masters, but don't let that put you off (only joking, lads!). They are all full of CM's detailed, colourful graphics and are a real joy to play. The games are Bronx Street Cop, Supercar Trans-Am, Advanced Pinball Simulator, Billy The Kid, F-16 Fighting Falcon and Jungle Warfare.

My favourite game has got to be Bronx Street Cop. You have to aim the light gun at the nasty men in the windows and shoot them. But beware, shoot the kind people who occasionally pop up and you'll be in for a smack! The game may have a simple idea behind it, but it's really addictive and keeps you coming back for more.

Graphically its excellent with cartoon style sprites, gorgeously detailed backgrounds and oodles of colour with hardly any clash. I just can stop playing it.

Every game is of a top notch standard and the gun itself handles really well with hardly any of the nasty flashing you got with the Sinclair Magnum. Both guns are good quality but the Cheetah one definitely comes out top. Get one today and enjoy hours of fun.