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Rainbow Arts
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

How would you feel if your best friend had just been turned into a ball? Precisely. And the last thing you would want is for him to roll down a pit or something, isn't it? So the best thing to do would be to walk about in front of him and build him a pathway by removing and placing blocks to, him to roll along, yes? Okay, so everything looks rather like Solomon's Key to begin with, but begin playing and you'll soon realise that it's a completely different kettle of pickled herrings altogether.

For starters, there's loads of icons and things which you can collect en route to help. And there's a natty two-player mode, which gives you a completely different set of screens which can only be completed if the two players cooperate with each other. Sheeks!

And as if all that wasn't reason enough to sellotape Spherical to your tape deck and leave it there, the game also features some particularly tasty graphics, packed with colour and jumbo-sized nasties to dispatch with a stream of carefully-aimed projectiles.

Another good 'un, proving that puzzles are where it's at.


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And this one's fairly similar (in look anyway). Only trouble is the graphics can be a bit dark and hard to see at times. (Pretty though, isn't it?)