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Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

The 'hilarious' Downing Street-based sitcom would seem to be virtually impossible to convert to the Spectrum, and indeed Mosaic (who?) had to come up with a completely original structure for the game. Thankfully they avoided a predictable 'walk around Whitehall collecting things and beating people up' game and plumped instead for a semi-adventure game where you've got solve prime-ministerial problems over a period of five days to get your poll ratings up to a decent level.

The game revolves around your desk, where you receive memos and phone calls informing you of what's going on. The most important events are meetings with your colleagues where you have lengthy conversations interspersed with multiple-choice bits. Pick the right thing to say and your standing improves, with a corresponding increase in your poll rating. It actually works very well as a game, and somehow manages to pack in all the atmosphere and humour of the programme while still being fun to play. Its a bit text-based though, and certainly wont appeal to everyone.


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April 1st, eh? (Does this mean the last 11 years of Conservative rule have been a practical joke? Erm...)