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Hardware: Joystick
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Chris Bourne


KEMPSTON (Micro) Electronics has a joystick of the switch type for the ZX-81 or Spectrum. It is a Competition-Pro joystick and is input/output-mapped by A6 being low. The joystick has a solid metal shaft and is spring-loaded with a black balled top. The two red fire buttons are about one inch in diameter and both produce the same result. The joystick can be in eight positions as the leaf springs used will both operate if moved in a diagonal direction. The joystick gives 8 for down, 4 for up, 1 for left and 2 for right. So up/right will give 6 and the joystick fire buttons both give 16.

The interface is "dead-ended", so it must go on after any other equipment, but it is attached to the joystick by 5ft. of cable, so that should not be a problem. Software is always important to an item like this and Kempston already has four programs which can use the joystick, from Abbex, Quicksilva and Softek. Gulpman has also been converted for use with the joystick. When you buy the joystick you also get the listings of three programs provided free - one Space Invaders, a hi-res drawing program and a program to mix with the Bat and Ball game provided on the Horizon tape. The joystick costs £25 inc. VAT from Kempston Electronics, 180a Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford MK42 8BL. Tel. 0234 852997.

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