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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Price
Chris Bourne

Sometime back in the Middle Ages the real Robin Hood began his career as the people's outlaw. Over the years he has undergone many transformations, and is nowadays portrayed as a freedom-fighter cum guerilla whose sole aim is to lift the yoke of Norman oppression from the Saxons' necks.

Robin of Sherwood from Adventure International is the computer spin-off from the TV series and portrays the new style Robin.

Like other Adventure International products, the game is mixed text and location graphics. A few of the pictures have some element of animation - such as the cascading waterfall - and are finely detailed, well drawn and very fast in appearing.

As in the TV series, you begin by finding yourself banged up in the sheriffs oubliette. To escape you will have to kill the guard and open the grating that pens you in. Adventure International feels that early achievement in an adventure helps to hook you into the game and the instruction sheet offers some useful coded help with that problem.

Once you've successfully broken out you should meet Heme the Hunter - Robin's godlike helper. He will tell you to seek out the six Touchstones of Rhiannon. You will need to find your band and then explore the huge forest for clues and information.

Your adversaries include, naturally, the Sheriff of Nottingham and also Knights Templar, corrupt taxmen, venal Nuns and the extremely evil Simon De Belleme - the Crusader magician.

The problems rapidly become more complex and it seems that certain actions have to occur before others become possible. Until you have won the archery contest it's impossible to rescue Marion from the sorcerer, and it is very easy to be recaptured by the Sheriff if you make rash judgements.

Other characters will lay sub-quests on you - the Templars, for instance, will freely admit that they possess a stone but won't part with it until you have found their stolen Holy Crest. The Nuns offer to sell theirs for a lot of gold - all you have to do is go out and steal it. But where from?

I found the scenario compelling and the identification with Robin very easy given the fine graphics. It is good to see one of our own home-grown heroes in adventure action, and I thoroughly recommend Robin of Sherwood to all potential freedom- fighters. The game is a little pricey at £9.95 but it is worth saving up for.

Publisher: Adventure International
Memory: 48K
Price: £9.95