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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Gang beat-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Graham Taylor
Chris Bourne

Human Killing Machine - a name to raise questions in the Houses of Parliament. The follow up to Streetfighter is just as violent as you'd expect and just as entertaining. You could complain that it isn't really much different to the original, but who cares really? It's well executed and looks fine.

The same idea as before: kicky kicky against a variety of people. Visit five exotic locations: Moscow, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Germany and Beirut and beat up the locals. Each city's representative uses a certain fighting style that will test many skills. You'll need to mix punches and leg sweeps with kicks and somersaults and sometimes, just running away will help you survive.

First up on your international tour of violence is Russian hard man called Igor. He thumps you with his rifle and is, considering this is the first level amazingly difficult to beat. Still he's not that agile - certainly not as agile as his trusty dog Shepski (aaargghh) which leaps at your viciously but isn't immune to a little boot treatment. Now it's on to Amsterdam (isn't this just like the Travel Show?) and the lovely Maria. Maria is agile and leaps about a lot. Maria has a friend called Helga who is not so agile but punches people a lot. A bit like one of the more female members of the editorial team actually (who's that then - Jim? - AS).

On then to Spain with Miguel who does dangerous things with his cane. After that it's a bull, a comedy German, an arab and a giant. A cliche from almost every part of the world, in fact...

Backgrounds are static but detailed, but since the whole thing is in black and white this is the least you'd expect. Main graphics are nicely animated with slick arm and leg movements - maybe the best I've seen in this sort of game. Even the animals which are intrinsically harder to animate are pretty successful.

OK there isn't anything new here but if you lurved Streetfighter you'll almost certainly lurve this. The graphics may even be slightly better and some of the moves are different. My only criticism is that maybe the first level of the game is too difficult. Still if it'll ensure some credibility attaches to cracking all five levels. With a dearth of decent software releases this looks like being one of the few worthwhile games we're likely to see for some while.

Label: US Gold
Author: Tiertex
Price: £8.99
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Graham Taylor

Great Streetfighter sequel. More action and variety.


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Watch out for Igor the Russian soldier. His fighting style includes vicious blows with his rifle. To defeat try to get him in the corner and finish him off with low sweeping kicks to the belly.

Shepski (great gag) the dog is Igor's trusty hound. Again low sweeping kicks are the way to finish him.

Maria is very quick with a large number of moves. She gets out of trouble by leaping about and comes with a very effective kick. You lose energy fast. The only solution - a lot of front kicks mixed with low sweeping slides.

Helga - watch out for her punch. You can lose half your energy in one go.