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Adventure: RPG
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Garth Sumpter
Chris Bourne

Just when you thought it was safe to go back down the cellar, Mirrorsoft's Bloodwych puts back the bats in the belfry as you take on the hoards of horrors that are lurking within the labyrinthian corridors of a dark castle that contains strange inhabitants and the secret of absolute power held by four power crystals which once found, can be used in a spell to banish evil forever.

So that's the plot - what the game like? Well it's pretty damn hot actually and if you're a fantasy games fan then Bloodwych is the only game you need.

The game has options for up to two players, with each player controlling up to four characters with differing abilities chosen from a selection of the last 16 champions of Trazere. There are four suits representing Fighters, Mages, Adventurers and Assassins and any combination can be used to make up a team of up to four players with which to enter the castle. You must use your team and their various abilities to gather the four crystals of storing from each of their towers before taking them to a fifth in order to banish the evil Lord of Entropy to Chaos.

On the way, you will encounter many of the occupants of the castle. Most have been transformed into dribbling, psychotics - some may help you by trading with you for money or items of weaponry and such. Most however, will just try to remove your head from your shoulders so watch out!

Price: £9.99/£14.99
Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

A shining example of the new wave of adventure. Excellent on all fronts.


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LEVEL: This shows the height if your characters experience. It affects all other basic skills.

STRENGTH: How easily you hit during combat.

AGILITY: Affects your skill in combat esp. dodging.

INTELLIGENCE: Limits the number of spell points you have.

CHARISMA: How much influence you have over other characters.

HIT POINTS: How much stick you can take before you croak!

VITALITY: A measure of energy. If it becomes zero you begin to waste away.

FOOD: Shows how porky a character is. The food level influences the rate


You progress through the castle is by use of the icon driven control medium. You can select keyboard control but the best method is by joystick; positioning the arrow over the particular icon that represents the desired action and pressing fire will move your group, attack, open doors, cast spells, and even trade with other adventurers in the maze.

Here's where you pick your team. Highlight a selection box and then click on the champion of your choice to reveal their spells, statistics and an inventory of what they are carrying.

Click on the book icon to see each character's spells. Just turn the pages using the arrows and any highlighted runes are known spells. Click on the spell and find out what they do and what they cost.

The inventory shows what is being carried in each of the 'pockets'. ( Anything that is found, filched or fought for is dragged from the screen and then put in an empty space. If you click on a space then the name of the item or even spell is displayed in the text box at the bottom.

Name of character.

Armour slot.

Shield slot.



Return to main screen.

Transfer/Use slot. Move items to this slot to trade or use. E.G. Keys need to be put here in order to open locked doors.

Number of keys held.

Number of gold coins held.

Empty backpack slots.

Held objects.

Name of character.

The communications panel allows the current leader to greet characters that are directly in front. You can OFFER an object by placing it in the transfer slot of the inventory, for sale, swap or even as a gift! PURCHASE is used to find out if a monster or character has anything for sale. EXCHANGE simply asks if they have anything to swop and SELL offers whatever's in the transfer slot for sale.

The current leader is shown here along with their status. The three bars represent Hit points, Spell points and Vitality. It's useful to keep an eye on these and to swop leaders around with the other team members as they become knackered.

Scupper a skinhead!!! Click on this and you will attack with your damage shown up top in numbers.

These three icons call up each person's spellbook and inventory and the door icon will open doors that are closed (but not locked). You'll need the right key for that!

The shield icon is used to parry blows from marauding skinheads, lagerlouts and nasties.

The Play area. This is your contact with the world of BLOODWYCH.

Click on the movement icons to move your team through the castle. The leader's always highlighted.