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Ocean Software Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Garth Sumpter
Chris Bourne

It's "Your move creep!" 'cos Robocop 2 is here - will you buy or not? Truth is, if you don't buy it then you're definitely going to be ploying with a short deck this Christmas - or have a 48K Speccy that Robocop's immense 128K of music, digitised graphics and all action gameplay won't fit into.

So, he's back. He never really went away though as Robocop 1 never actually left the software charts. He's been out there - serving the public trust, protecting the innocent and upholding everything for nearly two years - you'd think they'd give the poor sod a break.

So, what must he do now? Well, Robocop must make his way through seven levels of action, to where he must eventually confront Robocop II but to get there he must complete each of the differing levels. Level one begins in the River Sludge Plant where he must locate the Nuke Lab. Along the way there are some unarmed suspects that are crying to be arrested - arrest flashes at the top left of the screen and Robocop must walk into them, 'cos if you shoot them, a time penalty is taken away (quite right too!)

As Robocop progresses, he gets the chance to recover the memory chips of his human past. This section of the game presents itself as a puzzle, whereby you have to journey around a circuit board, collecting 32 chips to complete the picture on the four boards. Unfortunately, you cannot cross circuits that you have passed along previously because they get 'burnt out' maahn.

There are also two sessions at the Detroit shooting range to sharpen up his targeting skills. He gets one minute to shoot as many armed targets as possible, whilst studiously avoiding anyone who looks like a Joe Bloggs type citizen.

Graphics are good and sound (thanks to the 128K only format) is musically good, although spot effects are somewhat lacking. A large chunk of memory has been used up with the digitised images that greet the start of each level but gives the game an overall BIG feel. I like it, and I'm sure that most people will find the directive BUY THIS GAME, an easy one to follow.

Label: Ocean
Price: £10.99 128K only
Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

Big licence, big film, big stars, BIG program Turtle-y terrific and completely Cowabunga.


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Detroit is bankrupt, the streets are in chaos and to top it all, the old bill are on strike). It sounds like a job for everyones favourite crime crusader - ROBOCOP. This time though the tin terror has a problem. The city fathers have re-programmed him to be environmentally friendly, what a bummer, instead of whacking hot lead at baddies and saying 'Your move creep!", he warns children about vandalism and shoots at cigarette smokers and litterbugs. Enter Robocop II - a criminally deranged mind inside an eight foot body of steel, with an electric gatling gun, he is 'the NEW future of law enforcement'. Our old ironsides doesn't think so though and in the final they battle over who will be the future of law enforcement. See the movie, and now play the SU Classic game.