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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Garth Sumpter
Chris Bourne

There's nothing like a home fire is there? Unless of course you have your very own flamethrower with which to warm the cockles of your heart whilst you burn all your enemies to a similar consistency as a furnace cooked kebab. And Extreme has just that flame thrower.

Here's the lowdown on why you have a showdown. Pioneer 10 as we all remember was sent out in 1972 complete with the porny pictures of a man and woman and a simple star chart showing any (hopefully) benevolent life forms where we live so that they can drop in for tea sometime. Powered by nuclear batteries, Pioneer 10 zapped off, bleeping its way into deep space until its batteries gave out. But now it's started sending messages again, and starts returning to earth within the cargo boy of a friendly life form. Unfortunately, he's so friendly that he left his back door open and a group of intergalactic pirates hove steamed aboard.

Here's where you come burnin' in. The ship carrying the probe, crashes and you're the first on the scene. Can you fight your way through all the Steg pirates, save the friendly life form and turn off the self destruct mechanism that the 'Navigator' started when he was boarded?

This really is a good game, with superb use of colour and a rave of music that plays throughout the three levels, it's got a great heritage in terms of programmers as well as Nick and Dave were also involved in last month's SU classic, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and they're programming ability.

Label: Digital Integration
Price: £10.99 Cass 48K / 1 Load
Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

Good game, good gameplay, good music, good grief! Why not buy this and blast a few aliens!


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Level 1

Get the Crystal to replenish the Navigator's energy. Suited in a exo-trak suit equipped with your kebab burner, you must find the crystal and you'll need to open doors by shooting the red buttons and turning them green.

Level 2

Swim through the fuel tanks to get to the cargo bay. You have no flame thrower on this level. Well, imagine the mess you'd make using a flame thrower whilst swimming through the fuel tank in. However, there are some sonic mines in the tank which will activate if you bump into them. They'll clear the screen of amazing fish-like goalkeepers, er sorry, Steg pirates, but try to use them on your return trip 'cos the little bleeders shoal together.


Destroy the self destruct computer. Now we're ready to rock and roll. You find yourself of the helm of an Inwalker, a massive piece of tecno-blastery, which has a limited amount of plasma bolts which you must wisely in order to destroy the tank at the end of bevel.



Started programming at school in Belfast N. Ireland at the tender age of 15 where he sent games to Tim Hartnell and used the proceeds to buy immense amounts of sweets and use them to feed his friends and loose all his teeth.

Met MicroGen at a ZX Microfair and was offered his first programming job for the Ferrari busting salary of 3,500 a year. It was too good to be true. Clutching a bag a sweets with his security blanket tucked into his back pocket, he made his way across the sea to Ashford in Middlesex. Since then Dave's had a string of hits on the Spectrum including: Herbert's Dummy Run

Fave Oldie: The Queen Mum. She's bleedin' great, cor blimey gov'nor, doncha just luv 'er! Err begorrah!

Fave game: Sneaking up behind people with a plastic cup with the side 'squidged' in, putting it over their ear and then just straightening it out. It blows their brains out. It's really a two player game though.

Favourite Coin Op: Fruit machines in Devon, with the difficulty level set for farmers. A great way to make a few bob.

Fave food: Anything that doesn't require either plates or washing up.

Fave band: Heavy duty elastic ones for flicking at Nick.

Fave TV: American Freestytle Wrestling. The techniques learnt can come in useful when it comes to getting our fees out of software publishers. Except Fergus of course, he's a gent! (Pity about his girley Porshe though!)



Left school at 16 (with ALL his teeth intact), and went to work for a company called Softstone in Brighton who did a lot of Ocean conversions.

Nick's starting salary was 5,000 so he only wore designer clothes and raced the very best skateboards and unicycles (yes, he really can). Games: he's been involved in are: V for Ocean, Outrun Slapfight, Bravestars

Fave Oldie: 3D Death Chase (Micro Mega)

Fave Game: EXTREME(ly predictable) - So what's a bit of nepotism bewteen friends.)

Fave Arcade: Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Off Road Racer 'The two player game is the real business. The arcade machine is what top's are made for.'

Fave food: Lasagne and french bread. Yummy!

Fave band:The Adventures (Who dey?) They're an Irish band that are the next step on from U2. A kinda Irish Simple Minds.

Fave TV prog: the good 10 minutes from Tommorow's World. It's the only real science program on TV these days.