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Domark Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Matt Regan
Chris Bourne

Way to go, dudes! Check out this for a bizarre sport; riding in a rubber ring or inner tube along a raging river. You've got to be a major nut-case, right? Right - either that or one cool hombre.

Toobin' is a conversion of the classic Tengen coin-op which can be played solo or with a chum. As the players traverse the waters they compete in Colorado, the Nile, the Amazon and, believe it or not, Mars! (In canals no doubt!) The heroes - Biff and Jet (I know, but they ARE American names) guide their inner tubes through a series of obstacles, and gain points by lobbing Coke cans at targets along the shore, which isn't particularly friendly to the environment - eh readers?

Logs, branches and gun-toting locals seek to puncture the lads enthusiasm, and a hungry alligator lurks behind them, eager to munch on any stragglers. Bonus points are awarded for swimming through poles.

This is a good idea that fails to translate well to the Speccy - the graphics, for example, are diabolical. Still, fans of the coin-op might be interested now that it's on budget.

Label: Tengen/Hit Squad
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £3.99 Tape, N/A Disk
Reviewer: Matt Regan

GARTH: All the fun of the fair but a little too wet for my likes. Not worth getting your ring wet for!

STEVE: I'd rather inflate a pair of pyjama trousers in the local swimming baths and attempt to life-save Bernard Manning than play this again!

Although I enjoyed the original coin-op, Toobin' just doesn't seem to work on the Speccy - or any other home computer for that matter. A rather weak game.


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Poodle over the rapids for all your life!