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Ian Watson
Chris Bourne

He feels no pity, no pain, no fear, he's a remorseless killing machine, and it's nothing personal - so why does the Arnie character in Terminator 2 seem to spend most of his time involved in lame bouts of fisticuffs?

It's a nice rag bag of styles and stimuli, and generally what makes T2 such a success is the sheer variety of what's on offer. Each section may not be mindblowingly exciting, but lumped together they provide a challenge that's constantly got a trick up its sleeve. Enjoyable, but... it could have been better. Welcome to Judgment Day.

There are seven levels in all, three where T101 and T1000 (you and him respectively) do their best to punch, kick, knee and headbutt each other into submission, two where a frantic car (bike/helicopter/lorry etc) chase calls for masses of grit and co-ordination, and two pictorial puzzles where extra energy can be gained by literally re-arranging Arnie's arm and face! The fight sections are fun but rather limited, the chase scenes will have you somewhere near the edge of your seat, and the puzzles are guaranteed to make you rip out gigantic tufts of hair in frustration.

Reviewer: Ian Watson

GARTH: Big characters good graphics as a result of a clever use of monochrome with a couple of added colour areas. One that's certainly for all Arnie fans although I find the puzzle sections for extra energy a little

Terrific Terminator 2 is totally the tops for tension and takes this tomes title for tenacity!


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The phrase "Terminator Two" is a prime example of what's known as alliteration. Other such exciting grammatical forms include assonance, and erm... tons of others probably. And they say reading SU isn't educational!

Pah! Arnie may play a born again merciless cyborg assassin in the smash movie Terminator 2, but his tin pot character is by no means the first robot to appear on the silver screen. That accolade belongs to Robbie, the nuts and bolts manservant of cult feature Forbidden Planet. Other movie robots include, C3PO and R2D2 (Star Wars), Tweeky (Buck Rogers) and practically the entire cast of Blade Runner. Do sheep dream of electric androids? Maybe not...

Did you know that both the film and the game Terminator 2 were nearly never made because Arnie had originally planned to spend the whole of 1991 learning Yugoslavian. Happily for us though the film's director was a fluent speaker and managed to combine making the feature with rudimentary grammar lessons. Did you know that? Well, I'd be surprised if you did, because we've just made the whole thing up!


Terminator 2 is breaking all box-office records, but it also broke a record before it was even released being the most expensive film ever made ($100 million) with the highest payment ever made to a staring actor ($12 million plus a share of the profits!).

James Cameron, the director, got a reputation for extreme extravagance enforced by one occasion when he wanted a truck coming from the right hand side of the screen and it was filmed from the left. The shot couldn't be retaken so the film was flipped over and the driver and road signs erased and redrawn by computer so that they were both the right way round.

Although Arnold hates sequels and would not do one for any of his other films he wouldn't rule out a Terminator 3! Schwarzenegger is giving his acting career a break and has just directed an episode of Tales from The Crypt.

When finishing filming on Terminator Cameron concluded that they had made a pretty good film, but had no idea that it would be the success it has been.

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It's not only us mortals who need a helping hand. Arnie needs a new hand.

Things are definitely hotting up for the poor old T1000. Aaaaah!

God! Garth in the morning? I don't know who is worse.