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Domark Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Steve Keen
Chris Bourne

Thump, thump, thump, thump, fizzeuw! The noise still haunts me even today. It's still hard to pass an old Space Invaders machine that's inhabiting the dark corner of a pub or arcade without sticking in a few coins for one last try.

Space Invaders had more than their fair share of copycats too including Gorf, Mega-Phoenix and Galaxians, and it's due to their amazing success, DoMark have decided to add Super Space Invaders as their definitive adaptation of the king of the coin-ops.

The game has 12 levels with each level divided into three waves which incorporate various fighting patterns that have been seen over the years in the other Invaders clones as well as a great deal of original formations.

The aliens move in rows and columns, moving from left to right and back again, dropping down a line when they reach other side of the battlefield. The mothership when hit, drops power-ups ranging from a Buster Laser - destroying any aliens its path to a Fire Flower which wipes out most of the aliens on screen at once. Shields are dropped too and are needed as wave after wave of mutants begin to break free from their patterns and spin downwards, move backwards, expand to twice their size and even split in two when hit. All this and huge guardian ships to combat every three levels as well. Super Space Inva is nostalgia brought up to date.

Unfortunately, the colourful and varied backdrops cause colour clash making it nearly impossible to see what's going on at times and just who's shooting at who can remain a mystery, and sadly, the frequent shields do not compensate for the difficulties imposedon you by this.

However, even with the quibbles that I have, Super Space Invaders is a spot of nostalgia, a cosmic blasting down memory lane that anyone and everyone that played the game in the chippies and videodromes the length of the country would not be disappointed with the end result. I would recommend it to anyone who's after a lasting challenge and a bit of nostalgia who's a real Invader fan.

Label: Domark
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £11.99 Tape, £17.99 Disk
Reviewer: Steve Keen

GARTH: Wow! Maybe this should be called Super Camouflaged Space Invaders! I'm old enough to remember playing the original in my lunch breaks at Journo school and I'm a little disappointed.

ALAN: Any game with a simultaneous two player action is worth my vote. The difficulty levels can be set to either Hard, Medium or easy. I recommend the latter if you buy.

Some terrible use of colour which renders the sprites almost invisible! A little more care and this could have been the absolute classic it deserves to be. Still it'll keep you occupied and is rather fun.


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Space Invaders was originally invented in 1978 by Taito's Toshihiro Nishikado as a counter measure to the worlds first coin-op by Atari called Pong.

The video games industry was so new that Toshihiro had to invent the tools with which to create the game before actually creating the game itself. The whole project today would probably only take a month, but then it took almost a whole year!

When finally ready for release in 1979 the company almost pulled the plug on the project as they didn't think it would be a success. By autumn '79 production could not cope with the demand and the originally named Space Monsters was changed to Invaders before it gripped the world. Children stole from there mothers handbags to play the game and employees stayed out all afternoon just to get a the game.

By the 1980's Space Invaders was becoming a real social problem and a medical condition which sent throbbing pains shooting up the hand from the digits was attributed to excessive playing of the game and was known as Space Invader's Finger.

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A world away from old Space Invaders.

Yeah, spaceship related japes!

The sky at night... Shoot 'em outta sight!