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Image Works
Arcade: Gang beat-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Garth Sumpter
Chris Bourne

Yo! It's the fab four. No, not John, Paul, George and Ringo! It's those half-shelled heroes who are leaping back onto the Spectrum again after their amazing success of last year.

And back they are with a bang! Turtles two is the actual conversion of the Konami coin-op that some people thought that they'd got this time last year. But no! Although the game carried Konami name, in terms of gameplay, it had nothing to do with the original arcade game but finallyy it's here - a what a rather nice bit of code it is too!

The game that we've all been waiting for is the conversion of the Konami coin-op, which has proved to be so successful, and Probe software, who were responsible for last year's Turtle game, have excelled even their own expectations with this version.

One or two players can play simultaneously, using a variety of moves, jumps, attacks and defenses to make their way along from left to right, as the scenario unfolds before them. And what a scenario. April has been kidnapped (again?), and it's down to the boys to sort it all out. Can they do it? And if they do. what's in it for them? Probably some half cold pizza but then, they always were suckers for a pretty face.

Label: Imageworks
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £11.99
Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

STEVE: Bodacious fun fun for young 'uns of all ages. Great detail and frantic gameplay make this so mean and lean it's surprising that it's not green!

Good graphics, superlative gameplay and an excellent conversion from the coin-op makes Turtles 2 a pizza-poppin' winner. This game has no tricks, no gimmicks, but just brims with good old fashioned gameplay at its best.


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Donatello's favourite weapon is the Bo. And although it may just look like a simple, old stick, don't think for one moment that it's not a deadly weapon - one deft move, and he can take care of even the largest of foes.


A real handy person to have around when you're cutting up a pizza, Leonardo's preferred weapon is his mighty Katana which in all the films and cartoons, he manages to hit people but never slice them up into bite size pieces. Amazing skill or what?


Old Mikey is more fond of his Nunchukus than Sieve Keen is fond of his address book! Only Big Al has a closer non-sexual relationship with an inanimate object than Mikey, and that's with his beloved bagels. Mikey only really goes for pizza, unless of course, there are some bad guys on the menu!

Yet another turtle that wields a bloodless blade. This time though it's a pair of needle sharp Sal, or daggers to you and me. Raphael doesn't mind bad guys as long as they don't get too cut up about him!

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On level one you are in a burning building and must make your way along a corridor. Progress is hampered enough by the fire and the occasional fireball that falls down the stairs, without the smelly Foot trying to put the boot in. Apologies for that last CORNY Joke! - ED.

Just when you thought you'd stamped out the Foot, the Wheelie Robots appear and try to electrocute you. Don't get involved in close-up fights with them or ever approach them straight on. Instead, pick your time and hit them at the extent of your range.

Beware! Foot Odour can kill!

Hurrah! It's April and she's going to stand there like all good heroines whilst the boys kick some Foot.

And here's just the thing that every good turtle needs! A life-saving, energy giving pizza. It might look like a breath from heaven, but on this level (load three!) nothing is that easy. The Foot attack from all angles - even jumping down from the ledge onto your head!

The Foot with guns are particularly nasty. Try to hit them from behind and don't ever walk straight towards them. They'll blow you away dude.

Flying turtles of doom!!!