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Psygnosis Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Garth Sumpter
Chris Bourne

Eeeek! They're horrible, they're vile and they're savagely suicidal! It's the Lemmings and it's you job to try and keep the furry little critters from throwing themselves off the tops of deep caverns and gibing the Samaritans a big headache.

So there you are. You have a whole regiment of rodents, running around like a does of {UNINTELLIGIBLE}. Only the Lemmings are outside of the cruel world and don't seem to have the sense they were born with. They're seemingly bent on destruction - the only thing between them and {UNINTELLIGIBLE} you, and the clever use of some of the Lemmings innate specialist skills (yes they {UNINTELLIGIBLE} guinea pig parachute of Tales of the Riverbank when I was a kid.) Luckily these skills include rodent bridge builders, tunnellers, diggers (who dig holes as opposed to tunnels), blockers - so called because they hold back their comrades whilst you build a bride over a ravine and parachutists who boldly float down into uncharted territories to prepare the land for all those who follow...

Sounds strange?

Well it is, but it is very involved. Each level has a unique terrain, across which you must subtly shepherd the rodents using the icons at the bottom of the screen. You select which type of {UNINTELLIGIBLE} you need and then {UNINTELLIGIBLE} back the main scree, choose a lemming, click on it and presto! The lemming will immediately take on the role that you have assigned. Perhaps building a bridge, digging a tunnel or even burrowing down through solid rock to {UNINTELLIGIBLE} the obstruction or ever spontaneously combusting!

{UNINTELLIGIBLE} have been negotiated, the remaining lemmings (yes, I'm afraid that not all of them ever seem to make it, sob), will trundle up the steps of the 'rats, I've made it portal' and as long as {UNINTELLIGIBLE} saved, then you'll be given the password for the level and you can load in the next.

Lemmings is one of the most original games to hit not only the Spectrum, but the whole computer games industry for some time and deserves to do well. It's a very difficult thing to be able to tell someone what the game is like because there's never really been anything like it, although I feel there will be a lot of games...

Label: Psygnosis
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £10.00 Tape
Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

ALAN: Not full of furious action, more like an arcade puzzle game, but none-the-less a marvellous, game to play.

Lemmings may be infuriatingly good at being crap, but this animal trait actually makes an excellent game. Lemmings is new, novel and nifty so don't be thrifty, be well nifty and slope of now and buy it.


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No-one really knows why lemmings have such a suicidal streak. However, it is known that when their population exceeds their available food supply, they go on a mass migration. The SU Crew reckon this strange behaviour also explains the presence of Big Al in London, and living within walking distance of a 24 hour bagel shop.


There are many tips when playing lemmings but the real answer to every level is to think long and hard or, cheat! We'll be printing some of the passwords to the levels next month, but until then you'll just have to play the Lemmings demo on the cover tape and get a feel for the game.


Each level has it's own unique terrain and chasms, towers and the like that has to be negotiated. The lemmings will drop onto the nearest bit of ground and start shuffling away. They'll all choose a particular direction and you must decide what to go to help them arrive at their goal.

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On this level, you really need to use those blockers. Wait until the first lemming goes over the edge and then select the blocker icon and stop the rest from a shuffling suicide.

Here you've had to use a couple of builders to make the bridge, and used the first lemming to tunnel through the next obstruction.

Here they are just dropping in from their lemming dispensing opening. You can vary the rate of release with the two left-hand icons.

The highlighted icon is the one you've just used to mine their way through the rock. Use the climbers to get up the sheer rock face.

Banzai!!!!!!!! If you play the game well, then parachuting off the drops will be as near as these rodents ever get to going splat!!