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Domark Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Alan Dykes
Chris Bourne

There's nothing people like more than a hero and Super Heroes is packed with them.

The Spy Who Loved Me last month in the Bond compilation and now it's available on Super Heroes where you get a chance to compare Bondy with three other lean, mean fighting machines. The game itself involves action on land, sea and air and although the playability and graphics aren't stunning, the game has lots of variety.

Strider 2 also appears on the Capcom collection and I haven't changed my opinion of it, despite having several cold showers in the meantime. It's a worth follow-up to the original game with oodles of playability, power-ups and some nice graphic backgrounds.

The hero is back in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and is an amazingly accurate and atmospheric game and probably the best of the Indy series, featuring good rope swinging, whip crackin' action and cute realistic graphics. A fun game whose only real fault is the frustratingly difficult playability.

Last Ninja 2 is based around Japanese feudal warriors, the last of whom must defend their honour. The game is part puzzle and part beat 'em up and excellent graphics and gameplay make it a fine addition to a fine compilation. Super Heroes isn't a quantity compilation, but what is there is quality and promises lots of enjoyment.

Label: Domark
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £14.99 Tape
Reviewer: Big Al Dykes

GARTH: It's sad but most bods will look at the quantity of games on Super Heroes and not the quality of the product.

Not a very big collection by comparison with some others on offer this Christmas nevertheless it does have lots of action and adventure and unlike the larger packages there are no really naff games on board.


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Da, da, da... That Indy is a real swinger.

Last Ninja 2 has superb graphics but strange controls.