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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Matthew Denton
Chris Bourne

What sort of game could a Neighbours game be? Impulze couldn't have made it into a beat 'em up (although a Mrs. Mangel bashing game could have been very enjoyable), or into an adventure game where you have a quest to find an original script.

So what does the garde involve? Well, Impulze have come up with a 3-D racing game with Scott Robinson on his skateboard. amazing!!!

The other contestants each have their own type of transport, ranging from Matt on his motorbike, to Henry on his nitro injected lawnmower of doom. There are four locations to race around including such delights as Lassiter's Complex and Anson's Corner, with two races at each, split into three laps (isn't life complicated in Ramsey Street, eh?) In each lap you must pass through a number of slalom gate thingies, that fat-boy Harold has scattered everywhere.

Scott also has an energy bar in the form of his popularity. By hitting obstacles Scott loses popularity (Bring me my coloured coat) so smashing into the old bat Mrs Mangel does nothing to boost your chances of success (although satisfaction is guaranteed).

In-game graphics are quite awful, featuring bland backgrounds and poorly animated sprites. The scrolling keeps up with the action well enough by jerking painfully about the play area. Sound is equally as bad with a pitiful rendition of the Neighbours theme tune and dire spot effects.

But where Neighbours flat on it's face is in the lack of variety. Although careering around the tracks is quite first, it soon gets tedious. Just because the T.V. program is so popular with little change or originality, there's no reason to believe that the computer game can get away with the same bland formula - in fact it's this lack of spice that wipes out any possible long-term enjoyment. Neighbours is a game best left to the brain-dead vegetables of the world, who do not value normal things like money or sanity.

Label: Impulze
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £10.99 Tape, £15.99 Disk
Reviewer: Matthew Denton

GARTH: Neighbours, naah di naah di, neighbours. I was excited when I heard that Zeppelin had got this licence so I was disappointed to see it become another race game. It's Paperboy on a skateboard only not as interesting. A missed opportunity.

For a full price game, Neighbours is about as enjoyable as listening to Dorothy Burke for one whole TV episode. A two-player option might have saved this somewhat, but if it were my money, I'd go for something that would last for weeks rather than a couple of hours. One for the budget label perhaps?


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When you think of the stars in Neighbours you think of them acting (well trying to anyway). But in fact, many Neighbours stars have very successful singing careers. Amongst these are Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, Craig McLochlan and Stefan Dennis. Future Neighbours singing stars include Todd Landers (aaarggh!), the Alessi twins (phwoaar!) and Harold Bishop (actually we might be lying about this last one).

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Dodge between the flashing traffic bollards and pick up the bonus cans. Is this really Neighbours?

Jason Donovan, man, haircut and ex neighbours star. It is a little known fact that Garth used to star in neighbours too.

Scott boosts his score thanks to that 100 point bonus. More, more!!

It's the fight of the century in the blue corner, Scott Robinson and in the red corner, Mrs Mangel...

It's yet another desperate race to the finish between Scott and... erm, well, no-one else really.

Controlling Scott's skateboard antics takes some practice but is actually a lot of fun. Unfortunately there's no variety.