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Dinamic Software
Arcade: Action
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Rand
Chris Bourne

Bet you thought you'd seen the last of the enemy in Army Moves - if you ever managed to get to the end. Well you were wrong, chum. Those bad lads have gotten their sweaty paws on the top secret U-5544 nuclear submarine, armed to the teeth with the latest radar-homing torpedoes. Now they're intent on sailing into a major shipping area and causing all sorts of explosion-related havoc.

Time for you to take off that flak jacket a slip on your life jacket, as you take to the water and begin Operation Octopus; also known as Navy Moves.

The game is split into two parts. Part one contains three zones: the sea surface, with you going up against soldiers piloting brand-new six-speed Suzukis - very fast, very dangerous. Following that, it's time to search for the entrance to the base and capture a bathysphere, while at the same time doing battle with scubadivers and man-eating sharks.

Then it's into the bathysphere and on to the nuclear sub, trying to keep your head while those around you, such as giant octopi and sea monsters, lose theirs. Part two involves breaking into the submarine and placing a time-bomb near the nuclear reactor, before escaping with your life! Not only that, you'll need to recover identification codes from a variety of officers so that you can communicate with the sub's computer to open locked doors and suchlike.

Navy Moves looks very nice but, like Army Moves before it its just too difficult. You'll be killed time and time again for no reason other than frustrating gameplay and, after a while, it all becomes too much.

Label: Hit Squad
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £3.99 Tape
Reviewer: Paul Rand

ALAN: I have to agree with Paul on this one. Navy Moves is quite a good looking game, it's just that it's too frustrating to play. Check it out if you liked Army Moves though.

A potentially great game, ruined by dodgy difficulty and gameplay problems on most levels, leading to annoyance and frustration. Too many trying to kill you, too many for you to kill.