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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Tony Naqvi
Chris Bourne

I couldn't believe it! That little yellow fiend, Edd The Duck, renowned superstar (eh?), master of mischief, boss of the broom cupboard (ha ha!) has gone and got himself his very own computer game!

Known to some as a Mega-star, Pop-star and all-around cool dude, Edd has landed himself a new action series, roaming the departments of the BBC TV Centre (what a daunting task), armed with a Snowball Shooter and collecting stars which will eventually get him to the top of the broadcasting pile! Sounds a bit easy huh? Not so, 'cause out to get him is the royal skivvy himself, the legendary Brutal Butler of the CBBC broom cupboard, Wilson the Butler (Da Da Da Daah!).

Edd has to make his way through nine episodes, collecting 20 stars from each of the three departments: Weather, Special Effects and Children's TV, avoiding WIlson and his evil cronies, the Arglefrogs (!?! This reminds of the time Garthy was chased around the Scottish highlands by a gang of Argylesocks, but that's another story). However one blast from Edd's snowball shooter is enough to freeze these evil Edd-hunters, but only for a short time.

Edd The Duck is a platform game where the main sprite has to travel upwards and across, jumping up onto ledges and blasting at anything that moves. He also has to face some really bizarre opponents such as umbrellas, fish, teddy bears, owls, as well as the dreaded white-gloved hand of ol' Willie, all out to stop him in his bid for stardom. Don't ask me how these creatures came to be wandering around the BBC studios without someone noticing, but then, who knows what goes on behind the closed doors of the Big Brother Corporation?

The graphics in Edd are colourful and the scrolling is extremely smooth. However, soundwise, Edd The Duck leaves a lot to be desired with a load of squeaks and squelches and very little else. But then that's life as a duck. The backgrounds can be a little confusing too. The first level looks as though it takes place under water instead of in a weather studio, but apart from these minor hiccups this game is thoroughly enjoyable, not too easy, not too difficult, but enough to keep you hanging in there to give Edd a hand instead of letting Wilson give him his!

A surprisingly fun game, addictive and with challenging gameplay; altogether highly playable. Especially recommendable for Children's BBC fans.

Label: Zeppelin
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £3.99 Tape
Reviewer: Tony Naqvi

STEVE: Edd The Duck was slated the last time it was reviewed here in SU as a full price release. It just didn't have that special something a game needs to make it worth the money. Now, as a budget release, it is much more accessible to the younger players who will appreciate it most. Loadsa' fun.

Edd The Duck is splendid vertically scrolling platform game, very Rainbow Islandish with lots of hopping, skipping and jumping around the screen. With only 3 levels, it is rather short but is well worth a look for fans of children's BBC characters!


Screenshot Text

Edd the Duck goes star hunting yet again, quack.

Wow, that sun looks really cool (eh?!!!)

Simple detail and colourful graphics.

Lots of stars an' lots of bonuses.

Frosty the snowman didn't like Edd.