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Ubi Soft Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Marc Richards
Chris Bourne

Alright then, Jeremy! What went wrong, eh? The whole country was counting on you to win! I mean, do you realize just how embarrassing it is that a British man hasn't won Wimbledon since the 1930s and we're the country that holds the tournament?! What do you have to say for yourself?

If only he'd had a copy of Blue Byte's Pro Tennis Simulator to practise on and things might have been different. He could have played any of the four Grandslam tournaments - the Australian Open, the French Open, The US Open and, of course, Wimbledon, each one with it's own type of playing surface - without even leaving the comfort of his own bathroom.

He could have practised his serving and returning with the tennis machine option. He could have had a game with a friend using the two player option. He could have chosen between playing at an easy, advanced or professional level. Oh, what Jeremy could have done with Pro Tennis Tour!

OK, so you can't view the court from ten different angles like you can in GBH's International 3D Tennis, but in this game we're not playing with matchstick men! Oh no, missus, this is the real thing! Your chunky little sprite is brilliantly animated with dozens of different positions and stances.

The sound effects are quite realistic, and there is a reassuringly catchy title tune that plays on the menu screens.

All in all. this is an extremely accurate tennis simulator, albeit difficult, with loadsa' options and plenty of game there to keep you hooked for ages! Although Pro Tennis Tour doesn't have a wide range of different shots that you can play, I think that it offers some great knockabout fun. PTT just has the edge on International 3D, but only just!

Label: Hit Squad
Memory: 48K/128K
Price: £3.99 Tape
Reviewer: Marc Richards

STEVE KEEN: I'm still not sure whether PTT is as good as last month's International 3D Tennis. What I liked about that game was the simplicity and clearness of the vector graphics, and the vast array of different shots at your disposal. But then if you're into tennis you could always get both games - you won't be disappointed!

Pro Tennis Tour is the next best thing to actually playing the real game. The controls for the player are siomple but effectyive, making this game easy for anyone to get nto. What a pity old Jeremy Bates didn't have this game to practise on.


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Er, serving at the US Open.