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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Packer
Chris Bourne

Supplier: Code Masters
Version Tested: Spectrum

In this arcade adventure you play Dizzy, a small egg-shaped creature whose mission is to kill the evil sorcerer Zax, an exceedingly wicked piece of work who has been conjuring rain during the Sunday afternoon cricket. And sorcerers don't come much nastier than that, do they?

To achieve your objective you must brew a strange potion that, as well as curing Athlete's Foot (as the inlay claims) will destroy Zax and end his reign of terror. In this noble quest Dizzy runs and jumps from screen to screen searching for the potion's ingredients and objects that may help him on his way. Many objects are needed to gain access to different sections of the world, which covers about 50 screens, and when and where to use them must be discovered partly by logical deduction and partly by trial and error.

The balance between puzzle difficulty and rate of progress is kept at just the right level in Dizzy to keep you coming back for more, but without making things to easy. The problems usually have a quite logical answer so you won't have to spend hours attempting to work out how the programmer's mind has been working.

The game is a little on the small side but at £1.99 50 screens of this quality and addictiveness are not to be sniffed at - even if Dizzy does look like Humpty Dumpty

Reviewer: Dave Packer

Spectrum £1.99cs, Out Now
Amstrad £1.99cs, Out Now

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 4/10
1 hour: 7/10
1 day: 7.5/10
1 week: 7/10
1 month: 3/10
1 year: 1/10

Pretty and nicely animated.
Pleasant tune and lively effects.
A fair amount of puzzle-solving to be done.
Very enjoyable - until you solve it.

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Graphics are virtually identical to the Spectrum version; you might feel a little peeved about that, but they are very well done. Gameplay is just the same.

Screenshot Text

Dizzy ponders a graveyard problem.