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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

GAC three-parter from Incentive.

Incentive (as you can also see on the next page) have always lived up to their word when it comes to supporting GAC users. There has been a long string of releases from the company featuring games written by users and one or two of them have been quite attractive.

However for the most part these games have been really quite simple affairs from the programming point of view - the GAC is rather limiting, to be sure, but as Pat Winstanley will tell you there is still quite a lot you can do with it.

Karyssia is a three-part game with simple combat routines (that depend on your skill and experience levels), very rudimentary speech routines, and an attractive character set. The graphics have that isometric Ultimate look as far as layout is concerned but are otherwise rather devoid of detail - a pity because the rest of the game is nicely put together.

Your task is to travel to the Royal Castle, enter it, and kill Karyssia who is mismanaging the economy of Senduarin and generally causing heart-ache and encouraging homicidal tendencies.

This is certainly one of the better GAC games released by Incentive. The puzzles are quite tough in paces, but are to a certain extent spoilt by the frequent "You can't do that" messages that even greet the simple word LOOK (you have to use REDESCRIBE). But just occasionally the program comes up with a neat little bit of interaction that compensates for these weaknesses. My only other complaint is about the frequent inevitable deaths, so SAVE often.

Spectrum £7.95cs, Reviewed
No other versions planned.

Not bad for GAC, but £7.95 is a bit steep.

Good use of GAC, despite the system's limitations.
Simple interaction occasionally, but nothing else.
Easy to make steady progress - three parts to finish.
Not bad considering GAC limitations.