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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

Shoot some hoods with US Gold.

Geldra's the main villain in this conversion of the Namco coin-op. It's up to agent Albatross (you) to penetrate the ten levels of Geldra's secret base and confront him. Rolling Thunder is a platform shoot-em-up viewed side-on, with swarms of Gelda's guards instructed to punch, shoot or blow you up on sight.

Thankfully you're armed with a pistol and a machine-gun, and you can collect ammunition for both through marked doors - from which the guards also appear - situated at ground level and on balconies. Jumping up and down in pretty simple though. The arcade version's guards had coloured hoods to indicate the number of shots required to kill them, but there's no such indication on the home micro version - you have to assume each guard will need the maximum.

The coin-op has been faithfully converted and the programming team have done a remarkable job considering 8-bit limitations it's fun to play and quite addictive in the short-term, but as with most coin-op conversions, the challenge will fade quickly.

Reviewer: Andy Smith

Spec, £8.99cs, Out Now
C64/128, £9.99cs, £11.99dk, Imminent
Amstrad, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Out Now
Atari ST, £19.99dk, Imminent
Amiga, £24.99dk, Imminent

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 80/100
1 hour: 78/100
1 day: 88/100
1 week: 60/100
1 month: 30/100
1 year: 0/100

Short-lived excitement. Doubtful whether you will bother loading this up in a year's time.


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The screen's well-coloured and the absence of colour on the characters ensures there's no attribute clash. Sound unfortunately is diabolical. Gameplay is sightly slow and a little tricky to master.


The graphics are colourful but have a chunky look about them. Gameplay is slower than on the Spectrum, making the game slightly less enjoyable to play (frequent death problems). Generally very similar to the Spectrum version but not quite as playable.

Graphics: 8/10

Audio: 2/10

IQ Factor: 2/10

Fun Factor: 7/10

Ace Rating: 690/1000

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 80/100

1 hour: 75/100

1 day: 80/100

1 week: 60/100

1 month: 30/100

1 year: 0/100

Screenshot Text

Spectrum - The start of level two. There's some ammo behind that door on the balcony.